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Comment Re:Lesson could have been learned from the Ruskies (Score 2) 118

No. Divers go through a slow decompression when returning to the surface to get rid of dissolved nitrogen in their blood stream which could otherwise lead to the bends. A 3 psi O2 atmosphere doesn't have much nitrogen to begin with, not to mention that the astronauts would go through decompression at the start of their trip, not when they come back.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 318

I own some Netflix stock, and in spite of the ups & downs it's done quite well for me over the past couple of years. The day they start adding ads to their feeds, however, will tell me that it's the start of their long, slow, death spiral and I'll start unloading before long. It's a sure sign that they're no longer on the cutting edge, but rather just trying to milk the cow for as long possible before killing it.

Comment Re:Single shop most likely (Score 1) 323

I have residential internet service via cable from Time Warner, and although my I.P is theoretically dynamic, it hasn't changed more than a few times in the past five years, and then it was only because the cable modem had been left powered off for a while. So this case could also easily be just some guy selling computers out of the trunk if his car.

Comment Re:Not that simple (Score 1) 105

I don't necessarily agree. If you're designing the chips, then designing high speed devices today (what with all of the simulation & layout tools available) isn't really any more difficult than it was for the guys that designed the 6502. Likewise, if you're designed a product that uses those chips, you have enough tools at your disposal to make sure the design somewhat works at the first iteration, compared to back then when you might spend weeks wire wrapping and reworking a prototype board before you could think of paying someone to lay out a PCB with tape and mylar. Myself, i went the other way. Started out as mostly a hardware designer with 8080's and analog video gear, now I'm mostly software and write CUDA programs to do the same thing.

Comment Let the advertisers know. (Score 1) 353

If you're an average user that mostly uses just a web browser on the Internet, install an ad-blocker of your choice if you haven't done so already. All those ad popups, flash, etc., are consuming bandwidth that count against your monthly cap. When some web site says "Oh please won't you turn off your ad-blocker" tell them to take it up with their advertisers. ISP's will listen to advertisers more than they will to the average customer scum.

Comment Re:Text, but why? (Score 5, Insightful) 329

How many accounts can anyone have that they actually need to have bar codes or some other such nonsense to be able to regain entry to them? Print out you account information, user names, passwords, etc., and put the printout in your fire-resistant safe. If your house burns down, or some other calamity happens, and you need to regain access to all of your accounts, then you'll just re-enter tha passwords for each one. This can't possibly be more complicated than setting up some OCR / Barcode / Rube Goldberg solution.

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