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Journal: Where is the "-1:Clueless" moderation option?

Journal by Hank the Lion

Every now and then, you will see a comment on Slashdot that sounds plausible, but is nevertheless totally wrong, and still rated +4:Informative/Insightful.
What can we do in this case?

Option 1: Moderate it down. But what moderation should we choose then?
Offtopic, Flamebait, Troll, or Redundant does not describe the post.
Overrated might work, but is does not remove the 'Informative/Insightful' label from the post.
And, as we have experienced, once a post has accumulated a few 'Insightful' mods, it is likely to attract another one.

Option 2: Post a follow-up, in which you explain why the parent post is not informative.
This seems to be the best option for now, but it has the disadvantage that the parent post will remain more visible than the counter-explanation, because that one will start only at +1 (+2 if you're lucky) and can come quite a bit later in the thread when you don't react to the original poster's mistake within 10 minutes or so.

Option 3: Don't moderate anything Insightful or Informative unless you are positive that it is true.
This would completely solve the 'problem', but it requires that all moderators do this.
Unfortunately, many moderators see a post, think it is plausible, and moderate 'Insightful' because they think the poster knows more about the subject than they do.
And I don't think this will change any time soon...

Option 4: Make meta-moderation change the original moderation.
At this moment, meta-moderators can give their opinion on a given moderation.
But this does not influence the moderation of the original post any more.
Maybe it would help, if an 'Insightful' moderation was meta-moderated 'uninsightful' several times, that it would be removed from the original post.
Problem here is that meta-moderation only starts several days after a thread has finished.

What I miss is the possibility to indicate that a post is un-informative or un-insightful.
I've called it -1:Clueless for short, but that may be a bit too harsh.
I think it would solve the problems with the other options:
- It describes the post correctly.
- It would be visible immediately.
- It removes the 'Insightful/Informative'.
- It gives a hint to future moderators to think twice before blindly moderating.

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