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Comment: Re:San Francisco is just an extreme example... (Score 1) 357

by Hangtime (#46763839) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

THE reason California's personal income taxes are so high is that nothing can be collected through property taxes. Property taxes in California are in a perverse way the same as rent control. The property tax pricing has gotten so far out of whack due to Prop 13 formulas that the only way the state can get any revenue is on personal income tax. Of course where people always own home, personal income tax is cyclical so a lot of the boom - bust cycle plays out in California's budgets because the state is levered up on the economy. Economy does well, everything is great. Economy does poorly, whole thing fall down.

Comment: Funny Enough When You Put Deadlines On Something (Score 1) 722

by Hangtime (#46719605) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

How many do things at the last minute? Homework, tax returns, bill pays, website traffic, contract signings, same thing goes for sign-ups. If demand were linear jobs would be easier, but instead it's lumpy. Given a deadline a great majority will wait until the last minute so it doesn't shock me whatsoever. Anyone who thinks the number of folks wouldn't spike hard ahead of a set deadline has never had to deal with demand.

Comment: Best Thing You Can Do for Your Box (Score 1) 353

Most computers are fine on 4-8 GB of RAM. The processing slowdowns come from the HD. If you are looking for recommendations, I recommend the EVO 840 Series from Samsung. Great speed, fantastic tools to move and config your drive, and price competitive. Yes, you can do cheaper but I prefer not too. Right now you can grab a Evo 840 Series - 500GB for $270.00. I own three of these beasts (2 500GB, 1 TB). My wife was complaining about 3 year old laptop performance and I agreed. Swapped the drive and BOOM, no more problems. She is happy with her computer again and we didn't have to buy a new laptop. Sure, its possible you can get at low priced 120GB drive and start moving things around to make it work but for a little extra cheddar just keep it all on one drive and save yourself the pain.

Comment: This sucks... (Score 1) 303

by Hangtime (#46237833) Attached to: Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable In $44.2 Billion All-Stock Deal

If this does go through and I have my doubts, I want the FCC NOT to force them into divestiture but offer higher speed Internet, ala carte pricing, sign off on Net Neutrality, and remove all bandwidth throttling and caps. The time is not to try and create competition, because there is none in cable, but to actually make a company perform like it is in a competitive environment.

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by Hangtime (#45980235) Attached to: Microsoft Remotely Deleted Tor From Windows Machines To Stop Botnet

Exactly this version of Tor was installed in a non-obvious and non-trivial location to get to and as a service. Microsoft asked the Tor developers "Anybody actually do this?", Answer: "Nope.". Microsoft then nuked the rogue Tor apps either through Microsoft Security Essentials or through Malicious Software Tool removal app.

Comment: Nothing to see here... (Score -1, Redundant) 214

by Hangtime (#45980175) Attached to: Microsoft Remotely Deleted Tor From Windows Machines To Stop Botnet

Good security move by Microsoft. We don't know exactly how the rogue applications were eliminated, but good chance it was Microsoft Security Essentials. This was the equivalent of Symantec and McAfee removing a virus only difference was it was Microsoft this time.

Comment: Re: It's not actually a problem. (Score 3, Informative) 120

by Hangtime (#45792247) Attached to: NSA Drowns In Useless Data, Impeding Work, Former Employee Claims

That's because "data management practitioners" spend their time practicing data management. I bet if you asked the "data analysts" about it, they'd say most of the important work dealing with data is in the analysis, but they still need to waste 20% of their time on data preparation and integration.

Actually the number we quote is analysts spend 60 - 80% of their time manually prepping their data for analysis if they don't have a solution in place. Its a BIG problem. Just because you can ingest everything in the world doesn't mean you should.

Comment: Here is your answer... (Score 1) 231

by Hangtime (#45332545) Attached to: How Elon Musk Approaches IT At Tesla

"partially because it didn’t need integration of disparate applications."

I would say that the only way Tesla was able to do this was because they didn't need to integrate disparate applications. Most SAP integrations and installations fail because they have to connect to every other system within a company. Tesla has no legacy so therefore it would be easier to do so. I would say this, there are a few cloud-based SAP solutions available that could have been brought up in the same amount of time or less given what little constraints it appears to have been put on them.

Comment: Time for Apple to Step Up (Score 4, Insightful) 122

by Hangtime (#45242231) Attached to: LinkedIn's New Mobile App Called 'a Dream For Attackers'

I'm calling on Apple to kick 3rd party applications out of the ability to make a configuration like this. This appears to be a significant security threat to the iOS platform and should be treated as such. Applications should not be able to do this on their own and as we have seen with LinkedIn, it can lead to no good.

For those sysadmins who would like to block this from occurring within their network or on their devices this was taken from Reddit. See the IMAP and SMTP configuration below and block it at the firewall.

From the Apple configuration profile:
IncomingMailServerHostName IncomingMailServerPortNumber 143 .... OutgoingMailServerHostName OutgoingMailServerPortNumber 587

Comment: Re:So Proud of Gun Ownership (Score 1, Insightful) 1232

by Hangtime (#42391211) Attached to: New York Paper Uses Public Records To Publish Gun-Owner Map

We have a long tradition in the US of respecting patient and client (attorney-client privilege) rights. However, we do not do the same for weapons ownership. Medical history for a good part is involuntary especially when seeking care through Medicare bills (Grandma gets old, she needs medical treatment and you can't really choose to get most cancers unless you smoke or go next to a huge field of radiation). Gun ownership is completely voluntary, no one compels anyone to own a gun in the US. Gun ownership is completely voluntary especially as it relates to assault rifles. Assault rifles have only one purpose, killing people real bad dead. We have the right and a responsibility as a society to make sure we know who owns those weapons, ensure that owners are of sound mind and body, adequately trained to handle the weapon, and that the weapon is being cared for in such a way that it will not fall into the wrong or young and untrained hands. For those that own a .22 rifle for hunting, I have no problem. I don't feel the need to regulate them that deeply. For those that need an AR-15, I want a great deal more background, training, and understanding of that individual.

Comment: NY - 1 1/2 hours this Morning (Score 1) 821

by Hangtime (#41898141) Attached to: U.S. Election Day In Progress: What's Been Your Experience?

NYC: They moved our election point so we ended up going to the wrong polling place. When we got to the correct polling place and standing in line for 20 mins, we found out our election district changed. Another 20 mins in line and we got our ballots finally for the correct election district. It sucks, but its your duty to vote.

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