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Comment There is nothing wrong with "ed tech" per se... (Score 1) 61

there is plenty wrong with educational institutions who don't have a road map. Here are two reasons for that: First, much of IT is a black box, so it's not as simple as looking at an old school procedural(ish) language program (BASIC, LOGO, HyperTalk, etc.). Current high-level languages are (cue the barrage of comments here) obtuse upon initial inspection by learners, so people who need to learn are put off and people who already know how to do this are dismissive of just about every effort to simplify this and provide a lower floor to entry. Second, much of what is in the education pipeline for professional IT is for better or worse vendor-linked. You can be an Apple dev, or you can go MCPD or Cisco cert... etc. There is less abstraction of programming as a skill and you have to join a camp soon. Yes, AP is still Java, but watch the trashing of Java that happens here... Tech runs in dog years. There will be several generations of tech by the time a student gets from middle school through college and gets a job. Imagine the last 100 years of biology telescoped into less than a decade, then have students trying to learn it as it's changing. Compound that by educators are usually not IT professionals, and there isn't much of a connection between the two at the early levels. How many IT professionals are linked to an elementary or middle school?

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