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Comment Nice (Score 1, Insightful) 425 425

Dozens of the emails provided by Hillary Clinton have been retroactively classified as part of the review of her emails as they are screened for public release.

Nice. Retroactively classify information, then open a criminal inquiry over the release of classified information.

Absolutely no political motivation behind this witch hunt-- I mean investigation.

Comment Re:Crash Mitigation (Score 2) 549 549

A human will, for the forseeable future, be potentially far greater at this kind of improvisational disaster-avoidance than any computer when dealing with limited data in situations where no course of action is clearly favorable.

That is a completely bogus argument. Machines don't have to match humans in every ridiculous driving scenario. Self-driving cars only have to be +1 better than the average human driver to take over. Google's self-driving cars are better than 90% of drivers on the road and that's good enough.

The biggest obstacle to driverless cars isn't the technology, it's the arrogance of human beings with illusory superiority.

Comment Re:Finally the problem is clear (Score 1) 549 549

A human driver could easily make the decision to swerve up onto the sidewalk, or even to brake-check and nudge itself closer to the car in front, thus giving the car behind time to stop.

Baloney. The car was stopped at a red light. Thinking a human driver is going to pull some amazing shit to avoid getting rear ended is just retarded.

Machines are better drivers than humans. Get used to it.

Comment I used to see that all the time (Score 5, Interesting) 251 251

Before NMCI came along, I was tasked with taking over a mapping application for the Navy and discovered the app was sending admin credentials in clear text in the URL string. Instead being of grateful I found the obvious sloppy coding they accused me of trying to pad my billing with make work and blaming the previous programmer. When I explained their application was crap and a giant security hole they would say, "Well, it works for us."

So I totally understand how apps like that make it online.

Comment Re:Shocker... (Score 2) 278 278

A segment of the population has views that are different from the average of the entire population.

You don't get a "view" on conclusions that are supported by an overwhelming weight of facts and data. You are also not entitled to a "view" that comes from a coordinated and deliberate effort to mislead by news outlets with a political agenda.

It boils down to the simple reality that one side of the debate thinks they're entitled to their own facts.

Comment Re: Tell me... (Score 4, Insightful) 172 172

The 'purchaser' doesn't pay less, but the writer gets paid less because Amazon just wants to pay them less.

That's it right there. If the reader turns the pages and you end up getting more at the end of the book, then I can work with that. But that's not what's happening. If someone buys your book and doesn't read it, you get squat but Amazon still gets paid.

It's kind of a ripoff for authors.

Comment Why stop at drones? (Score 1) 98 98

Why not extend remote control to all kinds of racing, including full size cars? Or, better yet, autonomous vehicle racing.

That might be what it takes to get it across how absurd auto racing is in the modern world. It's only a sport because of the spectacle of crashes. If robots are racing, there's no spectacle.

Comment I've used Ubuntu since it came out (Score 0) 216 216

And I have zero problems with the way they have Ubuntu Software Center set up. There are no issues separating free and non-free, all you have to do is look. Ubuntu is awesome and if they want to sell apps to bring in a little revenue, that's all good in my book. I've done 90% of work on Ubuntu now for years, so they're way in the plus column in my book.

Comment It just means you'll have to work harder (Score 1) 618 618

I haven't found display ads a particularly effective marketing tool. Ad blockers are not the only reason their effectiveness is diminishing. Ads are so ubiquitous that we don't even see them anymore. We have several billboards within blocks of our house, I drive past them every day and couldn't tell you what's on them. It's just noise and we tune it out after a while.

At least when it comes to books, paid reviews and blogs are more effective than display ads. Even if the reviews aren't positive, they're useful if they can explain why they didn't like your book.It's more work but better results. That's also life without display ads. More work.

Comment Re:Treaty Violations (Score 2) 103 103

Who gave the US ownership of the universe.....

God did. That's why when a white, humanoid alien from another planet comes to earth it's perfectly natural that they're going to fight for truth, justice and the American way. God likes us best and the rest of you fereners can suck it. Ha-ha!

Comment Re:Veto it (Score 4, Insightful) 103 103

Hey, I am fine with industry standing on its own and living or dying by the free market, but since when was letting the government own your liabilities part of the free market vision?

They're just asking for the same deal the insurance industry, defense industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical and banking industries already enjoy. Who paid the tab for the last recession? That would be the government, as in we the people. Who paid to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina or Florida after the last set of hurricanes? It was partly the insurance industry, which threatened to claim bankruptcy if the government didn't pick up most of the tab. Who pays for bad weather that wipes out crops? And who pays when someone loses their job and can't make their mortgage payment? Who paid for broadband infrastructure and then gave it away to telecos to sell at a profit which then started to whine like bitches when it came time for upgrades?

I actually agree that the government shouldn't be on the hook for any of that, at least not indefinitely. The government might have to be the buck of last resort for the private space industry until the risks are understood and private insurance has a structure for coverage. But then there's an accident and the insurance companies threaten to file bankruptcy if they have to shoulder the full burden of the claim and most re-insurers are located offshore, so they're not worried about paying up to the limit of coverage and saying, C' ya!

If the government doesn't shoulder the burden of liability then the private space industry never gets off the ground. On the other hand, we the people deserve some payback if we're providing insurance.

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