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Comment: Planet of the Mice (Score 0) 91

by HangingChad (#49143201) Attached to: Xeroxed Gene May Have Paved the Way For Large Human Brain

And that kids is how mice first became intelligent and eventually took over the earth. Later the crew of an earth space ship from the past crashed on earth and were captured by the mice. When one tried to escape the mice netted him and he uttered the classic line, "Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty mice!"

All the mice really wanted was the recipe for cheese.

Comment: Re:Minor setback (Score 2) 213

by HangingChad (#48781325) Attached to: SpaceX Rocket Launch Succeeds, But Landing Test Doesn't

What they accomplished was absolutely amazing. Anyone who doesn't get how astonishing just getting that close really was doesn't understand the problem.

There has to be a test range on land somewhere they can try putting one down instead of a pitching platform in the middle of the ocean.

Comment: Pay for priority doesn't work anyway (Score 2) 255

by HangingChad (#48765985) Attached to: FCC Favors Net Neutrality

If Netflix is paying Comcast for priority, they're not getting their money's worth. Lately we've had Netflix stalling and taking forever to load. If Netflix is paying for priority, they're getting ripped off. But, then again, why would Comcast treat Netflix any different than they treat any of their other customers?

When Netflix calls to complain Comcast would try to upsell them on subscription channels after hanging up on them three times.

Comment: How is this any different than thermal imaging? (Score 4, Insightful) 139

by HangingChad (#48704777) Attached to: Doppler Radar Used By Police To Determine Home Occupancy

Cops used to peek into houses with thermal imaging until the courts told them they needed a warrant for that. This doesn't seem any different other than it radiates.

For an institution sworn to uphold the law they sure do bend it a lot when it's convenient for them.

Comment: Re:How about ignoring it? (Score 1) 484

by HangingChad (#48633765) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

I can't believe anyone can be stupid enough to think cannabis is dangerous enough to merit criminalization.

Not only that but to then turn around and whine about the neighboring state, which adopted a smarter policy, making your life difficult. That's not just being stupid, it's being stupid and a big whiny cry baby

Comment: Even 10% is a big number (Score 1) 307

by HangingChad (#48452471) Attached to: Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies

Of the estimated 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, only one in 10 can support complex life like that on Earth

10 percent of 100 billion is still 10 billion galaxies. That's a lot of real estate. Even if you apply all the other characteristics that give rocky planets in the habitable zone of their star billions of years to evolve life. There are features like having a Jupiter in a circular orbit instead of an elliptical orbit or a moon that creates tide pools. That's a lot of habitable planets and a lot of potential for intelligent life.

Netflix has a really interesting series narrated by Laird Close called Life In Our Universe that covers the topic in great detail.

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