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Comment: Re:As a recent buyer of a mid-2014 MBP (Score 2) 204

by Hamsterdan (#49325147) Attached to: Apple Doubles MacBook Pro R/W Performance


I swapped my old Core 2 Duo E7200 (2.53) O/Ced to 3.8 with an OCZ Agility2 SSD for an i3 with a Kingston SSDnow 300 (*old* retired machine that was given to my dad). Altough the new machine boots way faster, and the new SSD is about twice as fast in benchmarks (even if low-end), I find it faster, but not *blew me out of my chair* faster.

Once you go from HDD to SSD, even the cheapest lowest performing SSD is gonna be much faster than anything with spinning platters.

Comment: English (Score 1) 274

by Hamsterdan (#49280919) Attached to: Speaking a Second Language May Change How You See the World

My native language (born and raised) is French, I was born and live in Quebec, a (mostly) french speaking province (altough living in Montreal pretty much requires speaking english and soon arabic). My mom plugged me in front of Sesame Street as soon as I could speak, I was involved in a language exchange with an english-only speaking family at 15 in Woodstock, Ontario, Learned english at high school and went to work for an ISP in 1994 (mostly english speaking customers). Dated an english-only supervisor when Videotron went into a lockout, some of my girl friends only spoke english, Tried to learn Spanish while in CEGEP.

My younger sister was a little more fortunate as she went to an english-only immersion school where everything including geography, history and mathematics were done only in english. (and she speaks it way better than I do, she has *no accent whatsoever* )

One of my "she's a girl and my friend but not my girlfriend" is teaching me Ukrainian and Russian, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna get me nowhere unless I move to Russia or Ukraine or want to visit Tchernobyl as she's currently doing...

Even If I'm french speaking, all my OS's and devices are configured for English just because they're aren't any translation mistakes.

(If I made any syntax or any other errors, keep in mind my primary language is french)

Comment: Re:well.. (Score 1) 760

But the financial pain will never be the same for rich people. a 100$ fine to a single mom earning 30,000/year might mean she won't be able to make ends meet and end up taking the bus to work because she couldn't keep the car, but a 10,000$ fine to her boss who earns 500,000/year might mean he won't be getting a new boat this year...

Same thing with taxes...

Comment: Re:Film! (Score 1) 169

by Hamsterdan (#49227857) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Video Storage For Time Capsule?

Then remove all caps, but leave instructions as to what caps are needed on the board. My 1974 amp crapped out on me last year and is in dire need of a recap (Marantz 2240). Capacitors *will* die, powered up or not. I say go with high-resolution film (R,G and B as many others said). With a separate optical track. Better yet, the same audio track on all three films so it could be reconstructed to near perfection if need be...

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