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Comment: Re:grandmother reference (Score 3, Informative) 432

And that is why It's a bad idea to use software that relies on server side authentication. Case in point, I just reinstalled my security cam software, but it won't accept my *paid-for* license because it doesn't exist anymore. So my legally bought software is now useless.

Comment: Hypocrisy (Score 1, Insightful) 136

by Hamsterdan (#48851559) Attached to: Drug Company CEO Blames Drug Industry For Increased Drug Resistance

Blaming the same countries they're outsourcing to because it's less expensive? (and killing local economy since the staff is part of the outsourcing)

Besides, how many people just throw old pills in the *garbage* ? I'm pretty sure that's the main reason for drug resistance.

Comment: Re: Not unexpected. (Score 1) 141

And most of the steps are still required for other devices. iTunes is not more complicated than other solutions and integrates with Airport express devices, Apple TVs, allows sharing the library with other devices and controlling everything with your iDevice.

Some people prefer Android devices, I prefer the integration Apple offers. To each his own...

Comment: Re:HDD endurance? (Score 3, Informative) 125

by Hamsterdan (#48525583) Attached to: Consumer-Grade SSDs Survive Two Petabytes of Writes

Recording TV is not a typical scenario. Besides, at around 8GB/hour (HD), that's around 2000 hours a year, which is little more than what my BeyondTV machine does, and its 3TB WD green is still alive and kicking. You just have to disable the insanely aggressive head parking on those drives otherwise they might die...

+ - Are you a robot? Introducing "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" ->

Submitted by Hamsterdan
Hamsterdan (815291) writes "While the new reCAPTCHA API may sound simple, there is a high degree of sophistication behind that modest checkbox. CAPTCHAs have long relied on the inability of robots to solve distorted text. However, our research recently showed that today’s Artificial Intelligence technology can solve even the most difficult variant of distorted text at 99.8% accuracy. Thus distorted text, on its own, is no longer a dependable test."
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