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Comment: Re: They better be damn sure we're not home... (Score 1) 388

One or two shots to a subject wearing body armor is typically enough to incapacitate them. That second shot can even be fatal, depending on the armor, the round, and the shot placement. Armor is there to prevent penetration and dissipate as much of the bullet's energy as possible. However, that first shot is going to do enough damage to leave at least a good amount (if not a ridiculous amount) of bruising around the impact zone. At that point, the body armor is compromised (not useless, but no longer fully capable). Another shot will do anything from leave a lot more bruising to fully penetrate. The most likely case is where you'll start getting ribs cracked. All subsequent shots increase the damage to the subject and each carries a rapidly increasing risk of penetration of the armor and death for the subject. Even without penetration of the armor, the human body can only handle so much kinetic energy.

In any event, it would be uncommon for an individual who's taken two shots to the chest to be combat effective. More commonly, they'd be lying on the ground in a lot of pain. Considering how many attempts it takes to get a shot on target for the head versus the center of mass, you're vastly better off going for the center of mass even if you know for a fact that your target is wearing armor. And before you bring up the North Hollywood shootout, understand that there were a number of factors that allowed those guys to carry on during the shootout, not the least of which was the poor accuracy of the firearms available to the police on scene at the range at which they were forced to engage.

It's unfortunate that the man you knew died while trying to stop a courthouse shooter. However, that one incident doesn't change the fact that the odds vastly favor center of mass targeting. Getting headshots on a paper target at a fixed distance and height, with no motion whatsoever, in an unstressful situation isn't that challenging. Getting them on a real human head at variable heights and distances, full range of motion, non-targets in the way and behind the target, in the most stressful situation you'll ever face (where millions of years of human evolution are working against you to destroy your vision, higher reasoning, etc) is one of those things best left to Delta operators who train on that day-in and day-out for years and years on end. And I'll bet if you talk to those guys, they'll also tell you that a center of mass shot is the perfect starting point as you'll get a hit faster and cut down on the motion that makes the head shot nigh impossible.

Comment: Re: I use Kaspersky (Score 1) 467

by Loki_1929 (#48891647) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

Got stuck with Vipre at work for a few years. It was nothing short of a complete disaster, to the point where on some systems, it just had to be shut down completely so the systems would function. Combined with the latest ratings from AV Comparatives (lol @ 88% detection rate and huge false positives) and I'd say nobody should ever run that garbage. It's truly terrible.

ESET's NOD32 is good and Kaspersky is very good. Nothing else has been consistently good for quite a while.

Comment: Re:One has to wonder (Score 1) 253

by Microlith (#48878077) Attached to: IRS Warns of Downtime Risk As Congress Makes Cuts

We'll (deliberately) ignore that groups beyond those with "tea party" in their name were also delayed. Because that destroys the "conservative groups are so persecuted!" narrative.

This was done to rig the 2012 election

Paranoid, conspiratorial bullshit doesn't help anything except to paint you as a partisan hack.

Comment: Re:Yes? No? Maybe So? (Score 1) 489

by Microlith (#48851003) Attached to: Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time?

Do you care about what embedded OS your dishwasher runs?

Yeah, because my PC is as interactive and important as my dishwasher!

As long as Win 10 runs my existing Windows-only apps and games, I'm happy.

Life's too short to worry about operating systems.

Indeed, we shouldn't concern ourselves with options outside of that which Microsoft provides. Doing so is stupid, and makes you stupid. Right?

Comment: Re:What can the U.S. do the rest of the world cann (Score 2) 122

by Microlith (#48847499) Attached to: Cuba's Pending Tech Revolution

Consider just Canada alone, from which Cuba could have had any technology they wished.

Given they haven't gotten it, I suspect it's more complex than that! Part of it may be that companies that operate in violation of U.S. embargoes cannot do business in the U.S., thus making Cuba not worth their attention might be part of it.

Change has to come from Cuban leadership, if at all.

Indeed, when dealing with a regime on the wrong side of an embargo or blockade, it's always the one at the bottom of the power slope that is responsible, right?

What is very telling is that the cuban community in Florida is really, really angry we are lifting the embargo - because all it does is empower the people that made Cuba what it is today.

They're angry because their property was seized - but their kids don't generally care. On the other hand, the Cuban government released a bunch of political prisoners in the past week or two, which at least suggests that Raul and the party are at least cognizant of the changes coming down the pipe.

Comment: Re:Curiously familiar (Score 3, Insightful) 248

by Loki_1929 (#48833293) Attached to: SpaceX Landing Attempt Video Released

Based on my experience in Kerbal, they're 95% of where they need to be. They've done the really hard stuff (controlled burns to bring the craft down at the right spot, slowing the descent at the right time without running out of fuel, etc) successfully. Properly orienting the rocket should be relatively easy assuming that the systems responsible for that haven't run out of fuel. The fact that the engine was able to get it that close without the fins working speaks volumes for how well the thing is operating.

Even if something else goes wrong the next time or two, they'll have a successful landing shortly. The simple fact that it hit the platform ought to be enough to let them start trying on land after another one or two similar attempts. As failures go, this was extremely successful.

Comment: Re:"plenty of flat land to go around (Score 2) 165

by Loki_1929 (#48830231) Attached to: Elon Musk Plans To Build Hyperloop Test Track

I've been around long enough to know when an idea is a crock of shit.

Arrogant and self-obsessed. When you're around a little longer, you'll come to realize that you don't actually know everything. Or perhaps you won't as some never achieve significant emotional maturation.

he's too busy revolutionizing the automobile, space travel, and power industries simultaneously.

Wow, you have drunk the Kool Aid!!

First to create a workable, marketable, functional-in-the-real-world electric cars and created the first new successful car company in the US in decades to design, build, and sell them. Designed and built reusable rockets that run good reliably to the ISS for a fraction of the cost of any other solution ever devised by man. Also working towards sending people to Mars, which even world governments haven't even seriously considered. And on the Solar City side, they're making solar power so affordable to people that they've become the number 1 installer for residences in the US and the number 2 installer overall in less than 10 years of existence. 4.3 gigawatts of power produced by their installations as of 2013. They're doing all this while bumping up US manufacturing to compete directly with the Chinese. Who else is doing that successfully?

And again, I ask, what have YOU done lately besides read Wikipedia and spout off about things you don't understand? Because Musk, the guy you're criticizing, seems to be busy getting shit done.

Comment: Re:"plenty of flat land to go around (Score 4, Insightful) 165

by Loki_1929 (#48827453) Attached to: Elon Musk Plans To Build Hyperloop Test Track

This guy has actually designed and built rockets that go to space and can land safely back on Earth. You think he's so out of touch with reality that a fucking Wiki page is standing between what he says and what reality is?

Musk may not ever perfect the Hyperloop, but if he doesn't, it won't be because of anything you think you know. It'll be because he's too busy revolutionizing the automobile, space travel, and power industries simultaneously. What a stunning display of arrogance to sit where you sit and toss trivial criticisms like "we know it's impractical because I read a Wiki article about it" at a guy who launches shit into space for a living while he's not building electric tank-cars or spreading affordable solar power or raising his kids. The day you know more than Musk about -anything- is the day he has a fuckin' tag on his toe.

Comment: Re: MORE SHIT??? (Score 1) 177

Why is it necessary for Mozilla to have paid employees, let alone an actual corporate structure?

Because they complete with Microsoft and Google, and have done a good job at it.

Why does Mozilla need to "compete" with Google. Mozilla is a non-profit. What's the endgame here?

Staying relevant and keeping up with standards, and delivering a browser with updates on a timely basis.

Why can't they just write their software for people who want it and let people use Chrome who want to use Chrome.

Because in short while the project would likely fall apart when faced with the pace of development MS and Google can do.

There's lots of open-source software projects out there that continue to run based solely on the contributions of their developers.

And a great many of those contributors are compensated for doing so, via other sources. They are very fortunate.

Given the choice between "Commercial Mozilla" trying to compete with Chrome, and a slower changing, community run affair, I'll take the latter.

And enjoy it as it falls behind.

Comment: Re:There's a bigger challenge... (Score 2) 189

by Microlith (#48779339) Attached to: EFF Takes On Online Harassment

when somebody considers himself justified to do anything other than talk back in response to whatever speech he may find offensive.

I think people are willfully misconstruing the sort of thing the EFF is talking about. They certainly don't appear to be talking about things that are generally offensive, but specific, targeted harassment against individuals where they are hounded everywhere they go.

But since people are getting killed over comics, you shouldn't worry about the torrent of abuse directed towards you on every site you visit. Right? Just suck it up and be glad you're not dead?

Comment: Re:There's a bigger challenge... (Score 0) 189

by Microlith (#48779313) Attached to: EFF Takes On Online Harassment

But you certainly have the right to offend them.

Indeed, you have the right to stalk them from website to website and deliver a constant stream of abuse. They take offense? Oh, that's their problem. So long as you don't physically harm someone, you're OK! Emotionally harming and constantly harassing someone until they break is a-ok though!

At least, if I understand ShangahiBill and the above post by fyngrz.

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