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Submission + - iPhone App Wins Microsoft App Contest (

imamac writes: Startup Weekend was a 54-hour coding marathon held on Microsoft's campus this last weekend. It was designed to encourage the use of MS programming technologies. However the winner of the contest was an iPhone app.

"Awkward," whispered Startup Weekend organizer Clint Nelsen into the microphone upon announcing the top voter getter.


Submission + - Virus "Lights Up" Cancer Cells for Surgeon (

Al writes: "A virus that makes cancer cells permanently fluorescent could help surgeons remove cancerous tissue more thoroughly. Researchers from a San Diego-based company called AntiCancer and Japan's Okayama University created a modified cold virus called OBP-401 that can enter all cells but will only replicate in those that have activated telomerase, an enzyme that is expressed in cancer cells and allows them to divide indefinitely. The virus was also modified to carry green fluorescent protein (GFP)--a protein derived from jellyfish that fluoresces in blue light. Other efforts to "light up" cancer have included using quantum dots that attach to the surface of cancerous cells."

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