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Comment Re:wft ever dude! (Score 1) 211

From everything I've seen it looks like a police state and media cartels wet dream, the ability to assign a unique address to every.single.device like a digital fingerprint so they can trivially trace back every statement, every video watched, every move, for later prosecution?

That was supposed to be the case with IPv4, and for a long time it was. If you want point-to-point communication, you need some kind of unique address on each end. It doesn't matter whether it's an IP address or a TCP port number. What makes it traceable is logging. Logging might be easier if every device actually has a pre-assigned static IP, but I suspect that for technical reasons ISPs will continue to prefer dynamic IP assignment. Tracing will probably be easier, but I doubt it will be "a police state and media cartel's wet dream".

Of course, inventing imaginary villains "SJWs" will ruin your mood regardless of technological infrastructure, so maybe you should work on that before worrying about IP addresses.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 368

Just exactly how do they propose 'taking out' a drone?

There is at least one case where a drone was taken out by a fire hose at a house fire. The troubling thing in that case, though, is that a firefighter took his hose off of the fire to take out a drone that was far enough away as not to be causing any real problem. The fire department ended up replacing the drone.

Comment Re:Easily replicated with an SDR... (Score 2) 138

Part 15 reads almost the same for 900 MHz as for 2.4 GHz: You can use 1W if you are doing one of three things.

Thing 1 is to send a direct-sequenced spread spectrum signal (not in this case)

Thing 2 is to send a frequency-hopping spread spectrum signal, with a maximum dwell time of 400ms and a minimum of 50 channels in your spreading sequence (again, not the case here)

Thing 3 is to send a digital signal of at least 500 kHz RF bandwidth (which is likely to be the case here)

Additionally, there are bonuses for using good antennas (the FCC seems to want to encourage this). You do need to reduce your transmit power if you have a gainful antenna, but you only have to reduce power by 1dB for every 3dBi of antenna gain. For example, using a 3dBi antenna (for instance, a 5/8 wave) would double the strength of your transmitted signal, but would require you to turn down your transmitter power by 1 dB, making it roughly 800 mW rather than 1W. Put this together, and you get an effective radiated power (ERP) of ~ 1.6W.

In a more extreme case, imagine using a 24dBi directional antenna: You get a 2^8 boost in your signal from the antenna, and only have to cut your power by 8dB. Actual transmitter power ends up at 160mW, but the boost from the antenna gives you an ERP of ~40W.

Comment Re:bumblebees have range? (Score 1) 225

I don't understand. For the sake of argument. How does an average temperature that's half a degree warmer than it was 40 years ago wipe out the bumblebee's habitat?

Think of it in terms of energy. Raising the atmosphere's temperature by half a degree is the energy equivalent of detonating about two million nuclear warheads. The heat capacity of the ocean is a thousand times that of the atmosphere, but I'm not sure if the whole ocean has warmed along with the atmosphere. If it has, that would be two billion nuclear warheads. Earth's atmosphere is a huge, complex, nonlinear system. Adding more energy affects different parts of the world in different ways. (That's the nature of averages.) It can get a lot more than half a degree warmer in some places and a lot more than half a degree colder in others.

On top of that, you also get more chaotic weather. Heat is energy. Energy makes things happen.

Comment White Rhino saved by state-run national reserve. (Score 4, Interesting) 202

Privatization? WTF are you talking about?

The white Rhino was saved by the establishment of the Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park. The last 20 Rhinos were not privately owned, but protected by the state.

Had they been privately owned, they would almost certainly now be extinct. The idea that private enterprise would conserve and endangered animal for some far off future benefit when it is generally incapable of seeing past the next quarter is not just stupid, but dangerous.

Comment Re:From a user standpoint (Score 2) 484

Additional things to bring from Amiga:

  • From the CLI, a directory appears to be just another executable object. Name it on the command line and you are there. Put another way, the "cd" command is just white noise.
  • Device names, volume names and aliases are interchangeable. Program or script needs a particular volume of removable media? Simply reference it by name (e.g. foo:). A dialogue box will pop up asking you to put that volume into any drive and click OK. You never need to click OK, because it will detect the volume insertion and carry on. Did you copy that data to the hard drive? Just define an alias so that, for instance, foo: now points to system:volumes/foo.

That said, don't look to Amiga as a model of stability . . . it wasn't. All it took to bring one to a red guru meditation was to attempt to read past EOF.

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