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I do, but I have it in the contract that I won't accommodate such requests, nor will I play a CD/DVD/other media that someone brings me during the gig because you never know when it's going to be scratched in just the wrong place, or a copy of a 24kbps flange-a-thon.

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I am a DJ who frequently plays gigs in places aptly described as "out in the middle of nowhere". As a reference, the last two gigs both involved a client telling me, "If you need more power, let me know. I'll go get the generator". I sent an SMS to my wife at the start of my most recent gig, and it got to her when I got back in range, an hour an a half after I left. Connectivity is zero. If I need connectivity to play it, I can't play it. I will be happy to tell anyone at the gig why I can't play it.

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by voidptr (#47944305) Attached to: Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State

That's a reason why you should protect dealer networks if a company decides to start with that business model.

That's not a reason to protect those dealer networks from an upstart company that never had that business model. Just because GM and Ford made a deal with the devil 50 years ago shouldn't bind a new company to that same business model. Tesla has never had a dealer franchise agreement with anyone, them selling directly does not break any contractual agreement they've entered in to. They have no obligation to respect an agreement Ford or GM made with their dealer network to not compete.

Also as a counter point, Apple sells plenty of things through the half dozen Best Buys in my town. There's also two Apple stores within a 20 minutes drive. Just because a company sells through channel partners doesn't immediately preclude them from selling direct, it depends on the agreement they made with the channel in the first place. Even car dealer arrangements started out with the dealers protected by the franchise agreements themselves, elevating them from simple contract law to specific legislative protections came later.

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by voidptr (#47944295) Attached to: Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State

In many cases they're specifically prohibited from opening one. Cars must be sold through dealers, and dealers must have an arms-length relationship with the manufacturer and can not simply be the manufacturer or a subsidiary of the manufacturer.

Those laws were basically written because while franchise agreements between dealers and manufacturers protected the dealers from direct manufacturer competition, the dealers believed they weren't strong enough and eventually manufacturers and their brands would become strong enough that manufacturers would find a way around them, or simply wait for the agreement to lapse and refuse to renew with that term, that dealers got them codified into law.

Which puts us back to the original point. The law was intended to protect existing franchises from existing dealers. They never anticipated a new manufacturer showing up who didn't want to sell through dealers. The law should not bind Tesla or any other new manufacturer to a business model GM and Ford designed many decades ago that puts the new entrant at a competitive disadvantage.

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VNC might be really slow over dialup though, you'd need to use Tight encoding with JPEG quality cranked all the way down to make it usable at all.

I will admit to trying such stupidity and confirm that this is true. Watching a screen refresh, even when using -compresslevel 9 and -bgr233 is very painful over dialup. Try to avoid it if at all possible.

SSH, OTOH, is fairly usable by dialup.

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by Gothmolly (#47930699) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response

When those 3000 dudes come home, and go back through the major US airports, back to their families distributed across the country, and THEN spread the disease, it's going to be awesome.

Never wasting a good crisis, the President and administration will use this as an opportunity for massive federalization of health care and private sectore business.

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