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Comment: Re:Would it work? (Score 1) 436

by Half-pint HAL (#49370825) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

Or just have a senior member of cabin crew step onto the flight deck whenever one of the flight crew steps out so that there's always two people in the cockpit at any given time, and one can open the door if the other is incapacitated.

So to crash the plane, you only need to get the lead flight attendant under your control. They then kill the cp and your good to go. Ground based unlock? Just get leverage on the IT guy to spoof the signal. Video just gives them a chance to do q selfie diatribe. Life is dangerous. accept it.

Are you thick? The flight attendant wouldn't have a key -- it would be a matter of the flight crew having to physically allow him/her in before one of them leaves the flight deck. The only way this would be any less secure than the current arrangements is if the terrorist attack was an inside job, and cabin crew are no more (or less) corruptible than flight crew, as a general rule.

Comment: Re:Should be simple (Score 1) 92

by Half-pint HAL (#49366307) Attached to: Arduino Dispute Reaches Out To Distributors

Well I learned something today. I guess I should have assumed that lawyers would make the problem as difficult to resolve as possible.

Sorry, but this one is good for the little guy. It means that granny can make Mrs Mullins' Marmalade without needing to file or register anything, and The Big Conserve Co can't just walk up and register, steal her reputation and force her to stop trading when she's just starting to make a name for herself. This is protection for the little guy.

Comment: Re:Waste is heat! (Score 1) 194

The people who "generate the most wealth" are often responsible for massive amounts of unemployment. If we look at the Walton family empire (Walmart Stores Inc), we see a string of relatively labour-light retail outlets that push smaller companies out of business, resulting in a net loss of jobs. Amazon has taken this trend to ridiculous levels, exports profits to tax havens whenever and wherever possible, and then whenever criticised for sharp practices stands up and demands that we "celebrate" the billions in wealth and the thousands of jobs they "create".

As for "rewarding people who don't work and contribute nothing to society", you have clearly never had to live on benefits. They hardly constitute a "reward" for anything.

Comment: Re:Should be simple (Score 5, Interesting) 92

by Half-pint HAL (#49365057) Attached to: Arduino Dispute Reaches Out To Distributors

From TFA:

It turns out that Smart Projects had trademarked the Arduino brand in Italy in December 2008, before Arduino LLC got around to filing in April 2009 in the USA.

So... what's to discuss. I don't think there's a law against being a complete asshole, so smart projects wins.

You don't "trademark" things -- you register a trademark. Registration is not strictly necessary in most jurisdictions -- as long as you are actively using the branding, it is automatically considered your trademark. Order of registration only matters if you're talking about two commercial entities independently coming up with the same brand. Here we have two entities with an existing contractual relationship. Smart Projects therefore was not ignorant of the informal body that later became Arduino LLC. Who initiated the contract and who came up with the name? What did the original contract say about the name? Clearly the initial contracts were poorly drafted, or there would be a clear answer, and we wouldn't be having this conversation!!

Comment: Re:a reversal to the open cockpit doors of the pas (Score 1) 436

by Half-pint HAL (#49364875) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen
I think the prudent response to this incident would be to mandate that two members of crew should be on the flight deck at all times, so that there is always someone available to open the door. In practice, that would mean that the senior cabin crew member would have to step in whenever the pilot or co-pilot needs to go for a pee.

Comment: Re:Fuck flying (Score 2) 436

by Half-pint HAL (#49364787) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

Well, that's basically what flying is. If you're dumb enough to do that, you deserve to crash in a pile of smouldering flames.

That's some major league victim blaming there. Let's see if we can blame the victims of the Titanic for "letting someone stick them in a big tub of riveted metal and setting them afloat on the world's second largest ocean". Or maybe we can blame the dinosaurs for being stupid enough to live on a big rock with only one inadeuately small moon to help protect it from once-in-a-gazillion-years meteor strikes. Stupid dinosaurs -- they really had it coming.

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