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Comment: We already have these (Score 1, Informative) 112

by HalAtWork (#49324773) Attached to: Bring On the Boring Robots
We pretty much already have special purpose robots, it's just nobody refers to them as such. Is "robot" going to become the new buzzword used to sell us on these devices? I already have a "robot" that opens my garage door when I'm near, a "robot" that chews up the food in my sink, I use a "robot" to deposit/withdraw money at the bank, my neighbor has a "robot" that brings him up in his wheelchair to his landing...

Comment: Admits it, as if it's not clearly noted? (Score 2) 107

Wouldn't it be covered in the law for anyone to read if this were the case? Or are there some secret laws, or non-obvious interpretations of the law?

Anyway, it's pretty ballsy of them to say they're legally entitled to do so in all foreign nations!

Comment: Konami auditioning for project leader on next MGS (Score 1) 42

by HalAtWork (#49302065) Attached to: Hideo Kojima To Depart Konami; Metal Gear Franchise Changing Hands
Konami's saying that they still intend to develop future titles, but a press release states that they are auditioning for project leaders, casting doubt on Kojima's future involvement and lending creedence to the allegations from GameSpot's unnamed source.

Comment: No they're not. (Score 2) 68

by HalAtWork (#49292779) Attached to: Nintendo To Announce Virtual Boy 2
This is just some clickbait headline, the entire thing is speculation, apart from the fact that Nintendo announced a codename NX for their next hardware. You seriously think Nintendo would follow up with something called the "Virtual Boy 2" with the bad impression the first one left? The "Virtual Boy" name is worth nothing right now. They won't even bring its games to Virtual Console on 3DS even though that makes so much sense it's crazy.

Comment: Not everyone wants to play mobile games... (Score 1) 86

by HalAtWork (#49280425) Attached to: Nintendo Finally Working On Games for Smartphones
...but a ton of people do, so they're just expanding their reach. It doesn't mean Nintendo's traditional console/portable games will go away by any means, especially if they are able to offer unique experiences through specialized hardware. Even then, the experience they offer with traditional game controllers is enough to draw a dedicated following.

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