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Comment Re:Could Xiaomi take over? (Score 1) 180

Sure, but integrating it into their ecosystem could make everything else they do more profitable by making it a gateway, and just making it easily interoperable with their other devices and services would give people a reason to become loyal to the brand. Xiaomi is doing well wherever they have a presence.

Comment No, that's Machinima Inc. (Score 1) 156

"Machinima Inc" is the one they're talking about, not Machinima in general, which is the creation of cinema using virtual machines, mostly games that let you control or script characters. Everywhere I see this story, the editorial never mentions that it is a particular company called "Machinima Inc". Please don't forget the "Inc" part of the name as this distinguishes it from the concept of Machinima itself.

Comment Could Xiaomi take over? (Score 4, Interesting) 180

I've purchased several of their entertainment and networking products before, they are of extremely high quality and aesthetically pleasing as well, at ridiculously low prices. If they step up their marketing presence in the west they could easily dominate. I'm sure that would be met by legal opposition from Apple, Samsung, etc. though, who knows how they would fare against that.

Comment It's a shame many are prone to failures (Score 1) 43

The LEDs that are projected by an oscillating mirror are unfortunately connected by a strip that is prone to getting unseated, and now many units have glitchy displays. Luckily with a 3D TV and an emulator that supports stereoscopic display you can still experience it today. Not the most amazing library, but Red Alarm was one of my favorites. A bit like StarFox except you could control your speed and turn around, most levels took place in a corridor but some levels had branching paths. Wario Land was great too. They should bring these titles to 3DS but licensing issues probably prevent this.

Comment Valve made Steam machines useless (Score 1) 170

Originally they would specify three different configurations of hardware, giving software devs a target to test for. Now the specs are up to third parties, negating the advantage of being sure a Steam game would work upon release.

They could have consoleized PCs, giving people a plug and play experience with games that were tuned with default settings giving a guaranteed level of performance for the three teirs of boxes people could choose. Not only that, it could give developers a specific testing environment for their native Linux/SteamOS versions, and could have simplified things by providing a similar base of hardware for devs which could then more easily resolve issues.

Comment Dedicated app = buggy bloatware (Score 5, Insightful) 259

I *never* want the App. Native client = buggy memory hog that can introduce vulnerabilities and violate my privacy in even bigger ways.

Besides that, I don't want a separate app for each site or forum I visit, that's overkill. I'll get too many notifications and have to download a ton of client updates constantly. I'd rather just visit a site when I choose to (and not be bugged by notifications) and have it work properly and be working with the most up to date version right away.,

These useless apps are what people wish weren't included with their desktops, why would they want them on mobile?

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