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Comment: Re: One Word ... (Score 1) 234

The U.S. Postal Service is the only government agency that generates its own money and doesn't get funding from taxes. I fail to see how no cost to taxpayers is more expensive/costly than...whatever you're implying (that FedEx and UPS be allowed to carry regular mail? 3 mailmen a day is less invasive, seriously?!).

Comment: Re:Great! (Score 1) 79

by HairyNevus (#48937341) Attached to: Alibaba Face Off With Chinese Regulator Over Fake Products
Pretty much my thought. I'm worried I might have to look somewhere else to buy cheap plastic crap in the shape of expensive-looking things, but more adequately priced. America has always turned to China (and other Asian countries) to sell us cheap plastic crap, why are people trying to ruin the arrangement?

Comment: Re:Excuse me while I blow a kiss (Score 1) 196

by HairyNevus (#48748355) Attached to: Dish Introduces $20-a-Month Streaming-TV Service

No, I don't mind Fox missing. I abhor that network, and I'm no longer a Dish subscriber. I simply don't have enough fucks left to give at the end of the day to still care about Dish screwing over its customers based on principles alone.

You don't mind Dish doing the same thing to Fox as AMC and Adult Swim because you're off?

Exactly. Dish subscribers should vote with their wallet like I did.

Comment: Re:Excuse me while I blow a kiss (Score 1) 196

by HairyNevus (#48742921) Attached to: Dish Introduces $20-a-Month Streaming-TV Service
You may still wind up with those problems of certain networks being unavailable. Dish gets into spats with providers all the time and doesn't back down easily. I don't mind the current Fox News debacle, but losing AMC (a while ago) and then Adult Swim (among others) for periods of time drove me off.

Comment: Re:Amnesty International (Score 2) 95

by HairyNevus (#48432111) Attached to: Amnesty International Releases Tool To Combat Government Spyware
Amnesty International was founded in London in 1961 . I have no idea what that that paragraph was from, Googling bits and pieces of it and "Amnesty International 1954" yielded nothing. But given how long an nonsensical that last sentence was, I'm guessing you're just manufacturing bullshit.

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