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Comment: !newsfornerds (Score 1) 1198

by H_Fisher (#46878855) Attached to: Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs
While this clearly does "matter," in the grand scheme of things - we need to debate whether governments should kill people for crimes, and which crimes are worthy of death, and all of the issues that pertain to this subject ...

This is not what I come to Slashdot to read about. I come to Slashdot for tech industry news. For intellectual property news. For news about trends in programming, hardware, etc.

And I, for one, as a person who's been reading /. for years, am getting sick of seeing it turning slowly but surely into just another news aggregator.

Stories like this one, with the added flamebait about "4 percent of people on death row are likely innocent" -- even if it's true, we know why it's being put there -- it's flamebait -- make me want to stop coming here.

+ - SPAM: Getty Images embraces embedding, stops suing over copied pictures.

Submitted by H_Fisher
H_Fisher writes: After years of threatening bloggers and others with litigation for copying their copyrighted pictures, Getty Images has decided that the cat is finally out of the bag. In an article published today on Bloomberg Businessweek, Getty is said to be rolling out an image-embedding tool, allowing bloggers and other non-commercial users to hotlink photos — and allowing Getty to track views, and potentially add Google-style advertising. Commercial users are still expected to pony up for licensing fees. As for the small fry, a Getty VP is quoted as saying: "There are two ways to look at the world. People sharing content without a license is an issue—or it’s an opportunity.”
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Comment: Respect people of faith (Score 1) 1293

by H_Fisher (#44904555) Attached to: Why Are Some Hell-Bent On Teaching Intelligent Design?
Look at how many people here -- intelligent people, educated people, privileged people -- who would never condone bullying someone on account of their race, culture, sexuality, or nationality ... are happy to do so to people's religious beliefs. I'm just saying, if we're really against double standards, we need to be honest with ourselves, and more accepting of people of religious faith.

+ - The rise and fall of Kodak->

Submitted by
H_Fisher writes: "Michael Hiltzik of the L.A. Times writes with a frank look at the decisions and changes that have led to Kodak's decline from top U.S. photography company to a company whose product is almost irrelevant. He writes: "[Kodak] executives couldn't foresee a future in which film had no role in image capture at all, nor come to grips with the lower profit margins or faster competitive pace of high-tech industries." He also notes that Kodak's story comes as a cautionary tale to giants like Google and Facebook."
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+ - The Revenge Of The Operating System->

Submitted by
jfruhlinger writes: "Not all tech movements dovetail together; sometimes, important trends work in direct opposition. Thus, on the one hand we have an explosion of cloud and SaaS services making functionality available across platforms to anyone with a browser; on the other, we have a series of walled gardens locking people ever tighter to the vendors of the tech they buy. Call it the revenge of the operating system; and while iOS and OS X are on the forefront, Windows 8 and even Ubuntu could get in on the fun."
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+ - Firefox losing funding from Google->

Submitted by SharkLaser
SharkLaser writes: Mozilla's future looks uncertain. Last week Chrome overtook Firefox's position as the second most popular browser, the new versioning scheme has aliened most Firefox users and now advertising deal between Mozilla and Google, the one that almost fully funds Mozilla's operations, is coming to an end. One of Firefox's key managers, Mike Shaver, also left the company in September. "In 2010, 84% of Mozilla’s $123 million in revenue came directly from Google. That’s roughly $100 million in funds that will vanish or be drastically cut if the deal is either not renewed or is renegotiated on terms that are less favorable to Mozilla. When the original three-year partnership deal was signed in 2008, Chrome was still on the drawing boards. Today, it is Google’s most prominent software product, and it is rapidly replacing Firefox as the alternative browser on every platform.". Recently Mozilla has been trying to get closer with Microsoft by making a Firefox version that defaults to Bing. If Google is indeed cutting funding from Mozilla or tries to negotiate less favorable terms, it could mean Mozilla's future funding coming from Microsoft and Bing.
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PlayStation (Games)

+ - Discouraging Playstation Vita Details->

Submitted by
itwbennett writes: "Sony's new handheld gaming system, the Playstation Vita, launches in Japan in two weeks, and the latest report from Andriasang has some interesting details, including Sony's decision to go with proprietary memory cards. Sony says this is both for security reasons and to ensure a consistent experience for all users, but that 'doesn't explain why they're charging such enormous sums for these cards,' says blogger Peter Smith. 'The caveat here is that we haven't seen official pricing for the cards, but game retailer Gamestop lists them at $120 (!!) for a 32 GB card, $70 for a 16GB, $45 for 8 GB and $30 for a 4 GB.'"
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+ - Sony blaming Anonymous for PSN hack->

Submitted by
H_Fisher writes: "In a letter to Congress, Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony's board of directors, blames hacker group Anonymous for making possible the theft of gamers' personal information. "What is becoming more and more evident is that Sony has been the victim of a very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack designed to steal personal and credit card information for illegal purposes," Hirai wrote. He also indicated that Sony waited two days before notifying the FBI of the theft."
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+ - Fortune 1000 Cos Still Saying No To Public Cloud->

Submitted by Lucas123
Lucas123 writes: While large enterprises may be fine with SaaS and even infrastructure as a service, when it comes to using the cloud for storing any type of data, it's out of the question, according to a survey of 247 Fortune 1000 IT managers by TheInfoPro. Fewer than one in 10 said they had any plans to store even the lowest tier of archive data, such as e-mails. They 'said we're just not giving our data out to somebody else. Performance still comes up in the commentary, as well. The problem is when you need the data back...there isn't a high level of confidence that they can do that through an external system,' said Marco Coulter, TheInfoPro's research director.
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Data Storage

+ - Seagate Hits Areal Density High With 1TB Platters->

Submitted by Stoobalou
Stoobalou writes: Seagate has mometarily lept ahead in the race for ever-larger storage devices, creating a hard drive capable of storing 1TB per platter, for a total of 3TB in a standard-size 3.5-inch drive.

The new high-capacity 1TB platters, which represent a market-leading areal density of 625GB/inch, will make their first appearance in a GoFlex Desk external drive holding a total of 3TB. This is to be followed later in the year by a 3.5-inch desktop drive in the company's Barracuda range.

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+ - China bans time travel->

Submitted by
H_Fisher writes: "Disrespect the Chinese government at your peril ... and this includes anything you do with the past. Time magazine's "Techland" blog reports that China is banning references to time travel which are disrespectful to the nation's culture and history. No word on whether this includes a travel ban on time lords."
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