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Comment: there's something for everyone (Score 2) 83

by HPHatecraft (#43774347) Attached to: Over 100 Hours of Video Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute

I have to exert some willpower now and again to not become annoyed at all of the garbage on YouTube (or the Internet for that matter).

The wisdom of George Carlin is immensely helpful in this regard: "Have you ever noticed that their stuff is **** and your **** is stuff?"

RIP, sir.

Comment: Re:pfftt... (Score 1) 551

right. Because that's how we've done for the past few 100,000 years. Screw digital computers! We should be using clay tablets and scratches in the dirt for computation. Antibiotics? For weak losers! Because all of us such He-Men (but more to the point, that's not how our ancient ancestors did it)... mmm. Not so much.

Comment: I heart Gene Wolfe (Score 1) 34

by HPHatecraft (#43731057) Attached to: Gene Wolfe To Be Honored At Nebula Awards

Dragon Knight books: astounding in their sadness and beauty. The ending was killer.

I always thought that the Book of the New Sun series was like Thundarr the Barbarian for adults -- magic and super science in the future (albeit minus the post apocalyptic Earth).

Soldier in the Mist was pretty good.

Free Live Free was pretty good.

The Sorcerer's House was good, but I consider it 'Wolfe-lite'.

I met Larry Niven and Howard Chaykin in Houston last year. I've met Neal Stephenson. Meeting Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman would complete my experience of having met favorite authors.

You are lost in the Swamps of Despair.