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by HJED (#47487999) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

If they apply through legally defined channels and have something to offer that Australia deems valuable, they will be welcome

You know that requesting asylum is a legally defined channel regardless of how they arrived right? Or at least that is what we agreed to under international law?

Australia has no duty, whatsoever, to care for every unhappy wanderer that comes to the door.

Apart from the legal duty that our government committed to uphold, and our moral responsibility as human beings. If you disagree with this you should lobby the government to withdraw from these treaties instead of making us look bad on the international stage, but considering the government currently has to lie that they are doing this to "save lives" as supposed to pleasing bigots like you I suspect you won't be very successful.

That's just terrible. It is now clear to me that they must avoid this horrible Australia place at all costs.

Yes and soon so will the rest of the world if we continue to do this. We depend on the rest of the world for things like trade and defence. But more importantly the ends do not justify the means, we are not a country that condones torture and show trials.

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When did this notion arise that it is the duty of a nation-state to accept any unpapered, uninvited and unwelcome asshole that shows up with a sad story. If that's the case, there is a shit pot of sad stories just waiting to be told to a credulous, bleeding heart jackass like you.

It may have arisen due to the fact that our government signed binding legal agreements with the rest of the world saying that they would do so. Or maybe some people actually have this thing called morals.

What are they doing, in your view, that is so egregious?

Handing over people to be tortured would be at the top of the list. Quickly followed by housing people in inhumain conditions where asylum seekers are regularly beaten, and one was murdered by the guards. Illegally detaining people without trial or appeal would also fall into that category, as would disappearing people and trying to cover up the evidence.

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by HJED (#47480163) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax
Take a look at the first preference vote, Labor lost significantly more than the Liberals gained. To me that would imply that they won due to people voting out the previous government rather than voting for the current. (Anecdotally a large number of people I've spoken to have also said that they voted for this reason, and were to scared to vote for minor parties incase we got a hung parliment)

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Thank you, it appears that my assumption that an wikipedia article on such a controversial topic would have been reasonably neutral (or biased away from a Christian perspective) was mistaken. However, from the talk it still seems to appear that there is reasonable evidence for Jesus's existence, although not a consensus as the original article implied.

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At the time or my original comment the the main article used the term "scholars of antiquity", which in the context would be the the relevant majority of historians. It has since emerged that the evidence to support that claim is less then originally represented in the articles (see the comment below yours).
However it appears that the majority of scholars who have studied the issue (which appears to mainly be bible scholars, so must be taken with a grain of salt) do support this issue, but not many historians have studied it. I would still argue however that there it is still unreasonable to claim that jesus did not exist when there is a reasonably strong body of evidence (as listed in the wikipedia article) to support his existence, and little to no statements from historians to the contrary.

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Um, did you actually read the article or the talk page (where it says the dispute has been resolved). I was actually surprised at the consensus, but the article provides good evidence for it. It also primarily focuses on evidence that isn't from scripture (hence why I assumed you hadn't read the article),
Here's another wikipedia article. Although the other one seems less biased. (I don't have time to wade to check for other article using google, and given wikipedia's primary demographic it is more likely to be accurate then me checking other sources)
Perhaps you should check your facts instead of blindly dismissing things, which is ironically exactly what you and others have been accusing people supporting the historic evidence of Jesus's existence of doing.

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by HJED (#47201159) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

And in the gun-control debate, we have in fact had ample time and opportunity to control for other factors. And it is extremely important to note that try as we might, we have found no other causal factors that apply to the situation. Yet even so, as X (per-capita gun ownership and frequency of carry) has gone up, Y (violent crime of all sorts) has continued to go down. Therefore: X does not cause Y. Q.E.D.

And yet crime in other Western Countries (ones without guns) has gone down similar amounts, so either increased guns in America causes lower crime in other countries (unlikely) or there are other factors that you have not controlled for. By Occams Razor the latter is much more likely.

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No, there really is not a lot of evidence that Yeshua ben Youssif existed. There's a single paragraph in Josephus that everyone agrees was faked, and that's it for contemporary mentions. Peter and Paul existed, but we just have their say-so for it, and not even original texts for that; the earliest surviving documents were recorded centuries after the events.

Joe Sixpack saying he's an atheist doesn't mean Jesus didn't exist. The lack of evidence means he didn't exist.

[citation needed]

It seems that the majority of historians disagree with you: Historicity of Jesus

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It is designed for systems where you are using a large number of different technologies, possibly across multiple computers within the robot. (Although I raised exactly the same point you did when I started using it). It has a lot of existing libraries for various hardware components and makes it very easy to add more, which is very helpful when you don't have time to find and stick all the different libraries for these components together yourself.
That being said the documentation, and official tutorials are absolutely terrible and often contain out of date information, or tell you to do things which are no longer available in the current release. This can add a lot of time to projects.

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Accurate or repeatable? You've never used one of these systems have you?

And you've never used one of these systems where you need to collect accurate date (such as this one would). It also has to be more durable then your hobby plane, and possibly fly a lot longer whilst carrying heavier equipment to use for wildlife monitoring (HD cameras, backup radios, radar, etc (depending on what exactly it was doing).

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