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Comment: Re:Not need, but useful (Score 1) 193

by H0p313ss (#48924333) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

So now you know why they don't put telephony capability into tablets - people won't buy both a smartphone and a tablet, but opt for just one of the two.

That might depend on how you define people. Nobody who takes themselves seriously is going to use an iPad as a phone in public.

Comment: Eclipse RCP + DataTools (Score 2) 264

by H0p313ss (#48805915) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux Database GUI Application Development?

I'm sure this won't be a very popular option because Slashdot is allergic to Java in general and Eclipse specifically, but if were trying to write multi-platform GUI code with database integration I would probably start by investigating Eclipse RCP + Datatools.

An example of this is Teradata Studio

Comment: Re:Secret Ballot? (Score 1) 480

by H0p313ss (#48795669) Attached to: How Bitcoin Could Be Key To Online Voting

As your employer, I'd like to see your randomly drawn ID, you know, to verify that you really voted during the two hours you were off.

Exactly, thats often how "voting" is managed in puppet "democracies".

I recall a dinner party in 1987 in Jakarta where one of the American oil industry workers described how the "voting" was handled in his office. (Note that I'm not picking on Indonesia here, this is just where my experience lies, and hopefully the system from the dark days of the dictatorship is a thing of the past.)

Comment: Re:Is it wrong of me... (Score 3, Informative) 136

Is it wrong that I guessed that this guy was a conservative, and I was right?

No, but your sense of smug self-satisfaction is a bit off-putting.

1. Given how bat-shit-insane the American right has become you might want to get used to those to the left being a little smug. But I guess it does suck to have become the political punchline of the western world.

2. Never interrrupt the enemy when they're making a mistake.

Comment: And the lesson is... (Score 1) 343

... email, and anything else you do on the internet or with your cell is not private.

Never put anything in email, or text messages, or twitter or random internet forums that could potentially embarrass you or anyone you care about.

Sad that this needs to be pointed out, but clearly it does.

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