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Comment: Re:It allows for more mediocre programmers (Score 3, Insightful) 381

by H0p313ss (#49750097) Attached to: How Java Changed Programming Forever

Despite Java being my bread and butter for a decade this is hard to disagree with, I've met lots of professional java "programmers" who don't understand the JVM at all. (And don't even get me started on system administrators for enterprise systems... Seriously you're admin of a linux box and you don't know what top is and you're uncomfortable at the command line? Really?)

Even worse is the student world, just dip into the Java question stream on StackOverflow. 50% of the questions any first-year student C.S. would laugh at.

Comment: Re:I don't know why people still say Java is slow. (Score 4, Informative) 381

by H0p313ss (#49750053) Attached to: How Java Changed Programming Forever

And then, they try to fire up Microsoft Visual Studio, and they wait even more, and they realize that their perception bubble isn't reality.

Indeed, I've been using Eclipse as a daily driver for a decade. Current startup time for a new workspace is on the order of 10 seconds, VisualStudio is almost identical.

Comment: Re:If I hear "eSport" one more time... (Score 1) 113

by H0p313ss (#49639129) Attached to: Counter-Strike Finally Gets the League It Deserves

Putting Table Tennis, CounterStrike and Chess in the same bucket is pretty weak. (Chess and CounterStrike I can see since they're games (not sports), but Table Tennis at international levels is very physical indeed.)

One of my former coworkers has been competing in Table Tennis at the international level for decades and I can confirm that he's an athlete.

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