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by H0p313ss (#47682619) Attached to: Switching Game Engines Halfway Through Development

Unity isn't the problem. The project management and developers are.

This is generally the case, tools do matter, but people matter much more.

Give a brilliant team a conference room and a supply of paper, pencils and food and they will turn the world on it's head. Give a team of idiots the best tools that money can buy and all you'll get is a steam pile of fertilizer.

(Give the brilliant team the best tools... though, even if it only makes them 1% more efficient it's still cheaper than the tools.)

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by H0p313ss (#47649747) Attached to: I'd most like to (personally) explore:

You had a COMPLETELY different experience to me in Paris. I have been there 3-4 times now and love it and the places you can find tucked into small corners. There are restaurants everywhere and there was always someone nearby who would speak English to me if I needed help.

As for restaurants did you try walking from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe? There are a gazzilion on that strip alone. And Paris is the only city I can think of where you seriously need to check out the cemeteries. Particularly the catacombs.

That's more in line with my experience with Paris, the three days I spent there were nowhere near enough.

Comment: The Tietê River to the sea (Score 1) 246

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I noticed recently that because of the coastal mountains, the rivers near São Paulo mostly flow inland into the la Plata basin (which is a very large watershed). From what I can see from Google Earth it should be possible to kayak down the Tietê River to where it joins the other major rivers that eventually meet the Atlantic near Buenos Aires.

I may now be too old to consider a month long river journey that's almost a quarter of a planet away, but I can dream about it.

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Yeah? And the meme of referencing an animated gif with an incorrect file name and no working hyperlink is fucking stupid, and people like you do nothing but contribute to the idiocracy in this country. It's gotten so bad, the god damn eurotrash insult us on this site with impunity while I get down-modded when I respond

Eurotrash? Dude, even the igloo-dwelling, beaver hunting, poutine eating canadians are making fun of you.

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