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Comment Re:Seventh Douchebag? That's YOU! (Score 1) 143

I guess neither of these are that, but what if they were? Would the core have... special powers?

No, it would just have a stupidass attempt to refer to a book series that nobody with a life gives a fuck about. That way other Slashdot tards with no life can all fap together to it, coalescing into a great big circlejerk, each stroking the penis of the tard next to them, while pretending like the perfect stranger whose penis they are gripping is somehow their soul mate. Sort of like every single time a dumbass meme gets modded up or a movie reference gets made or a god damned XKDC comic gets linked that really has no meaningful connection to the subject "at hand". Somebody will see me mentioning the manual stroking of strange penises and see that I said "at hand" in quotes like that and say "hah I see what you did there" and another dumbass Slashdot meme will get modded up. Thus the cycle of penises repeats itself, with nary a vagina in sight.

Someone needs a hug

Comment Re:What I read: (Score 1) 246

Exactly. The only people "adopting" Win10 are the ones who already get it free, or who are forced to accept it due to bundled contracts.

I'll wait for Windows 11.

Or the technologists who tested it and decided it was a step forward and would ride the bleeding edge rather than putting their heads in the sand.

Comment Re:Misleading title - didn't pass Windows 8 (Score 1, Interesting) 246

Of course I used XP until support ended, still use 7, and never used Vista, 8, or 8.1, so my experience is limited.

I try not to focus on any one operating system, my test server is Linux, my laptop is a mac and my gaming desktop is Windows.

My message is: If you're staying with 7 then you're missing out. 10 is going to be big.

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