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Comment: Re:I'm surprised (Score 2, Informative) 271

by H.G.Blob (#30488274) Attached to: EU Demands Canada Rework Its Copyright, Patent Law
The summary is terrible, there is no DMCA style legislation in the EU. The article says:

The U.S. has proposed provisions that would mandate a DMCA-style implementation for the WIPO Internet treaties and encourage the adoption of a three-strikes and you're out system to cut off access where there are repeated allegations of infringement.

Comment: troll maybe? (Score 1) 644

by H.G.Blob (#28121783) Attached to: Asus Slaps Linux In the Face
The story broke on reddit a few days ago and someone pointed to the whois for the domain, which kinda looks like a troll. At least the hotmail address looks strange.

Michael Sharp 12932 SE Kent-Kangley Rd. Box 238 Kent, Washington 98030 United States Administrative Contact: Sharp, Michael 12932 SE Kent-Kangley Rd. Box 238 Kent, Washington 98030 United States (877) 788-8066 Fax --

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 3, Interesting) 315

by H.G.Blob (#28120807) Attached to: EU Sues Sweden, Demands ISP Data Retention

Could you please see this law in perspective for a moment:
1) This law requires the ISP to hold identification data for only 6 months - most ISPs keep it longer than that.
2) The only way to have access to this data is to have a court order.
3) I've never heard Slashdot complain about telcos that save call records for the exact same purpose because in the end we just want our privacy and not make it impossible for police to do their jobs.

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