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Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 1) 170

Time warp helps, but the more frames you have to interpolate, the worse the inconsistencies are. Using it to quadruple the framerate is not going to fly, because as your head moves, your perspective shifts, and time warp can't account for changes in perspective. There's also the issue that time warp does nothing for the game world itself, and your view moving around at 120Hz while everything in the world is moving at 30Hz is not exactly ideal either.

Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 2) 170

Motion blur in VR makes you sick to your stomach and makes it really hard to see what's going on. The DK1 suffered from lots of motion blur, and it was very unpleasant. The DK2 added a low-persistence display (the OLEDs turn off while the pixels are changing, and only stay on a shorter amount of time, tricking your brain into reduced perceived motion blur) and it was a huge improvement.

Comment Re:SUV? (Score 1) 321

There were photos of 6'1" tall journalists standing under the open doors with a few inches of clearance above that. Most normal people are not a few inches taller than 6'1". The Model X is around 20% larger than a Toyota Rav 4, and gains additional storage space from the lack of a gasoline engine or drive shaft.

You also won't find a budget SUV for $15k, so I'm not sure why you'd expect to find a luxury SUV for that price.

Comment Re:That's nice. (Score 1) 321

I think swapping has proven to be something that sounds good in theory, but that nobody actually wants in practice. The reason Tesla cited for not going forward with their battery swapping was that there turned out to be no interest in it among their customers. This would suggest that the inconvenience of supercharging for actual customers is lower than non-customers expect it to be.

Comment Re:So when are they making something we can AFFORD (Score 1) 321

Tesla's production capacity has been slowly ramping up. You're comparing figures over 7 years, and yet they went from building 20 cars per week in August 2012 to 1000 cars per week in 2015. They're going to continue ramping up production, and probably won't hit full production on the Model 3 until 2020 (they say 2018, but history shows they'll probably be a few years behind schedule).

It's likely that Tesla will be capacity constrained for a few years after the Model 3 is released, but I'm not sure how that's a problem. Eventually their production capacity will catch up.

Comment Re:So when are they making something we can AFFORD (Score 1) 321

Their $35k car will be, according to Tesla, around 20% smaller than a Model S. Considering that the Model S is an enormous car, I don't see how you could call the Model 3 a "tiny little toy".

The statistics of the people who currently buy electric cars is not relevant, because you're comparing the statistics of early adopters to the mass market.

Comment Re:Battery comparison? (Score 1) 146

AA batteries have a volume if 7.7 cubic centimeters, so 300 cubic centimeters would be the volume equivalent of around 39 such batteries.

A typical NiMH AA battery has a capacity of 2.4 Wh, so around 94 Wh, versus 12 Wh for the new supercapacitors based on your math.

That is indeed rather low, I think existing supercapacitors are already a bit better than that. Perhaps the measurement for these new things was for the paper-thin variety, at which point it's 300 square centimeters, and it becomes a matter of how many layers you can stack in one centimeter of height.

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