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Comment Not T-Mobile (Score 2) 100

When I visit the US, I use a Canadian provider known as Roam Mobility. They roam on T-Mobile's network, and the network seems to fall apart any time there are large crowds. Most of the time it worked OK, but when I went to Universal Studios or Anime Expo, I basically had no cell reception the entire time I was at either of those events/places.

My friends who were roaming on AT&T had no issues.

Comment Re:PBS show of cellphone cancer recently (Score 2) 416

Even if cellphone radiation increased risk of head and chest cancers (and there is no evidence to demonstrate that, despite questionable and biased documentaries on the subject), such increased risk would have nothing to do with the lady's claimed symptoms, which include real-time maladies like headaches, nausea, fatigue, etc.

Comment Re:So I guess CEO's don't get hit with non-compete (Score 1) 130

Yeah, and Sculley hasn't been CEO of Apple for more than two decades.

Anyhow, non-competes here in Quebec are only valid here if they are pretty carefully worded (they're legal, but courts have voided non-compete clauses that were considered unreasonably broad). Even if somebody working for Apple in Quebec had a non-compete clause, and went to work for a smartphone company in Quebec making low-end phones, the employee could probably argue successfully that the new smartphone company did not operate in the same market segment as Apple, and as such did not compete.

Comment Re:Tough environments (Score 1) 167

Pretty much that. Ours were RAID arrays on Linux, and we induced it without being quite as close as he was, but pretty much the same deal. This was more than ten years ago, so maybe modern disks would handle it better, but it looks like a few years later that guy in your video was still seeing the same behaviour.

Comment Re:Is it really THAT hard? (Score 4, Insightful) 167

> When write is complete, signal application.

How do you know the write was complete? Most storage hardware lies about completing the write. The ZFS folks found this out the hard way: their filesystem was supposed to survive arbitrary power failures, and on a limited set of hardware that was true. In reality, most drives/controllers say they've committed the write to disk when it's still in their cache.

Any filesystem that claims to survive crashes needs to take into account that any write confirmation could be a lie, and that any data it has written in the past may still be in a volatile cache.

Comment Re:Why? What advantages does this have over ZFS? (Score 1) 131

Which is a fair criticism, but ZFS was designed for use in modern desktop and server computers, not embedded devices with tiny amounts of RAM. This was no secret, when they designed ZFS they clearly stated that they wanted to take advantage of the resources available in modern computers, whereas most existing file systems had been designed when computers had far more limited resources.

Comment Re: Never mind run Chrome extensions... (Score 1) 152

Is there still? In the early days of Chrome, there was no way to stop content from loading, so AdBlock only removed ads after they were displayed (they'd flash briefly on-screen). So back then, it wasn't very good. At some point (years ago) they added APIs to filter content before it loads, which basically solved that problem (although there was a transition period where AdBlock was a bit buggy as they worked the kinks out). Nowadays, it's been quite some time since I've used FireFox, but AdBlock seems to work as well as I remember AdBlock working when I used FireFox.

But in terms of my previous reply, I specifically was referring to there being methods to do stuff in the DOM while it's still loading, which contradicts the claim that you can't do anything until after it loads. I don't know if you can do anything before it loads at all, but you can definitely do stuff before it finishes.

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