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Comment I kinda really wanted to play this (Score 1) 455

I had been aware of this production for 3 or 4 years now, and while it wouldn't have been another Chrono Trigger I really would've enjoyed playing it. I had always thought this kind of derivative work would be covered by fair use. I guess it doesn't really matter since the Chrono Compendium probably couldn't afford to fight Square on it if they were in the right. For those of you interested there is a longish thread over on ROM Hacks covering this, I only mention it because Compendium admins seem to be dropping in there:,8582.0.html

After Domain Squatting, Twitter Squatting 201

carusoj writes "Squatting on domain names is nothing new, but Twitter has created a new opportunity for squatters, in the form of Twitter IDs. Writes Richard Stiennon: 'Is there evidence of Twitter squatting (squitting?) Let's check. Yup, every single-letter TwitID is taken ... How about common words? Garage, wow, war, warcraft, Crisco, Coke, Pepsi, Nike, and Chevrolet are all taken. My guess is that Twitter squatters have grabbed all of these in the hopes that they will be worth selling in the not too distant future. Of course the legitimate holders of brands can sue for them and Twitter can just turn them over if asked. But, because the investment and risk for the squatter is zero, you are going to see the rapid evaporation of available Twitter IDs.'"

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