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Submission + - SPAM: Stephen Wolfram builds a radical new search engine

destinyland writes: "Mathematician Stephen Wolfram is releasing a radical new browser/search engine. "Wolfram|Alpha figures out what your question means, looks up the necessary data to answer your question, computes an answer, designs a page to present the answer in a pleasing way, and sends the page back to your computer," Wolfram explains in his first interview about the new search engine (with cyberpunk author author Rudy Rucker). "Of all the things science can compute, most take a second or less," Wolfram argues, building on his theory that very simple rules describe complex phenomenon. "If anything, you might call it a platonic search engine..." Wolfram says. "We compute the answers, and we discover new truths." A closed beta of the interface is online, along with a mailing list, and an audio excerpt from Rucker's two-hour interview."
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