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Comment Backslash right above enter. (Score 1) 688

Me and my sausage fingers would LOVE to see the backslash key moved even just a few millimeters farther from the enter key. I don't know how many times I've gone to enter a command and I catch the backslash just before the enter, dropping me to > .

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 0) 1182

Birdshot falling out of the sky? Even if you were looking straight up and one of the tiny pellets landed right on your eyeball it would not do any damage (unless it didn't bounce off and you then rubbed it). There are reasons to prohibit discharge of firearms in certain places, but hysterical concerns about where birshot lands are not among them.

Comment Hey we got some of that stuff (Score 3, Funny) 154

Floating at sea nuke plants? Fukushima came pretty damn close, eh? Not to mention all those nuke subs and carriers. Maglev trains are out there. Some of them even run through tubes (and/or chunnels). And synthetic meet? Kids these days just call it "social networking."


Adblock Plus Can Now Be Rolled Out To Every Single Employee In a Company 127

New submitter Mickeycaskill writes: Adblock Plus adds large scale deployment (LSD) to version 1.9 of its software, allowing IT managers to block adverts on thousands of computers in one go, months after a German court ruled the practice was legal. The move is likely to concern online publishers who rely on advertising to generate revenue.

Comment Re:Dear recruiters.... (Score 1) 553

"How many of them have actually licked a cray?"

I don't know if that's a typo or some old-fashioned slang for what people used to do with HPCs. But unless I had stumbled into a job involving cluster computing, I probably never would have seen (licked?) any ridiculously expensive Mellanox infiniband gear, so I'm not sure that the nameplates on the hardware you work with is such a good metric of one's capabilities.

Comment Re:Make it mandatory (Score 1) 288

K-12 means kindergarten through the end of high school (12th grade) in the US.

This program is just another example of "who cares about the boys who are lagging behind in most other aspects of education, the girls are lagging behind in this one area and THAT INJUSTICE MUST BE FIXED NOW!"

Parents of boys would do well to home school, or move to a country where a student's worth is not measured solely by the structure of their chromosomes.

"What people have been reduced to are mere 3-D representations of their own data." -- Arthur Miller