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Comment Re:I'm torn.... (Score 1) 663

To lose weight? Exercise is almost entirely irrelevant. Screw the walk. Just take in less than your body burns as a sedentary lump. Calculate your BMR, adjust for sedentary lumpenness, and maintain a deficit of ~500 kcal below that number every day. It's not rocket surgery. Once the weight is where you want it, stop maintaining that 500kcal deficit.

Exercise has tremendous health benefits, but it's so mostly meaningless to weight loss that I really hate seeing it brought up in weight loss discussions. Really - which is harder? Not eating that 500 kcal donut, or running for 2 hours to burn it off?

The Internet

Cuba Uses Big Data To Help Tourism, But Their Networks Lack Capacity 60

dkatana writes: The Cuban government is very active in reshaping the country's industry, not only focusing on leisure and cultural tourism. The biggest challenge, however, is the quality of Internet connections. Cuba's global ranking for Internet speed is 196 out of 200, averaging 1.6 Mbps, just ahead of Guinea, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, and Niger. Another thing that Cuba lacks: free movement of currency, as reader lpress points out: Cuba has two paper currencies — the Peso and the Convertible Peso or CUC. CUCs are worth about $1 and Pesos, which are used for government salaries, are worth about $.04. But, what about Bitcoin? The first Cuban Bitcoin transaction is history. Will Bitcoin be used by Cubans and Americans to sell goods and services without the knowledge of their governments? Cuban offshore developers might be the first to use Bitcoin.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 0) 1197

Birdshot falling out of the sky? Even if you were looking straight up and one of the tiny pellets landed right on your eyeball it would not do any damage (unless it didn't bounce off and you then rubbed it). There are reasons to prohibit discharge of firearms in certain places, but hysterical concerns about where birshot lands are not among them.


Adblock Plus Can Now Be Rolled Out To Every Single Employee In a Company 127

New submitter Mickeycaskill writes: Adblock Plus adds large scale deployment (LSD) to version 1.9 of its software, allowing IT managers to block adverts on thousands of computers in one go, months after a German court ruled the practice was legal. The move is likely to concern online publishers who rely on advertising to generate revenue.

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