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Comment Re:People are speculating it's these shit stains (Score 3, Insightful) 92

Without knowing more details, I think your analysis sounds correct.

What I want to know is, why isn't this information encrypted apart from the SSL connection? There should be a public-private key pair for every customer managed by the Steam infrastructure and which is used to encrypt these sensitive details. In other words, personal information is encrypted long before it gets anywhere near the caches. That way, if there is a caching problem, the problem is minimal.

I don't like the idea of relying on SSL to protect this information.

Shrugs. I don't know (none of us do at this point) but I'll be very interested to hear what the cause of all this is.

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While I generally like the new Slashdot design there are a couple of design ideas I'm not so keen on.

This userstyle makes it easier for me to read Slashdot in the way I've become accustomed.

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Comment Re:Prior Art (Score 1) 69

I think the demo video for Natal went to ridiculous extremes to showcase the technology. The "hand buzzer" thing to which you refer being one, the invisible steering wheel being another. It's an interesting technology but I agree with Natal's detractors in that tactile feedback is important in many gaming situations.

In my opinion, equating Natal with "hands free" is potentially a marketing mistake. But then again, "hands free" is more casual and that's a huge market so perhaps Microsoft is right. The beauty of Natal though is that it can, like the tech in this patent, do "hands on" too.

That said, Sony's patent seems to be something else entirely. It claims to be able to recognise objects in 3d space and presumably, orientation of those objects. I'm afraid however that that is where my imagination fails me. I can't understand how that level of tech could be more effective in a gaming environment than what is already available (or soon to be). Anyone have any ideas?

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