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Comment: TWC (Score 1) 223

by BCW2 (#48377773) Attached to: Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising
I had TV from Time Warner for 7 years. During that time I never once received a bill for the same amount 2 months in a row. Always a few pennies more. Either it is corporate policy to steal a bit from each customer or they don't know how to count. They are really trying to rival AT&T as the most dishonest company in American history.

Comment: No effect (Score 1) 285

by BCW2 (#48368307) Attached to: U.S. and China Make Landmark Climate Deal
First thing is: Obama signed a treaty, until it is ratified by the Senate it has no meaning or force of law on anyone or anything in the U. S. A. Number two: The U. S. A. cripples it's economy while China does nothing but make things worse for 15 years, why would anyone think this helps cut pollution in any way? China today puts more pollution in the air in a week than the U. S. A. does in a year. How is this going to make any measurable difference?

Comment: Re:Gibson got it right... (Score 1) 236

by droptone (#48327733) Attached to: CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand

If you have anchors using items with prominent logos, you aren't doing the news, you are doing advertising. Get out of the news business and become an advertiser.

Moreover, get out of the business of your ad sales people defining how your on-air talent does work. That's only marginally more infuriating than IT deciding how the staff they support/enhance do their work. At least IT has some concern over usability and productivity.

In both cases, when you have widespread contrariness, it's not due to the always present few knuckleheads who are dogmatically resistant to any change, it's due to a higher-up demanding that people change without appropriate training/input on how the change will negatively affect usability/productivity.

Technology is intended to support and enhance productive activity not define how productive activity takes place.

Comment: Re:Let's not go overboard (Score 1) 260

country? any individual person is more like it.

uranium isotopes are too hard. just convert u238 into pu239 with fast neutrons from a fusor. all it takes it electricity and time, and then you can separate the fissile from the matrix chemically, which is much easier.

making a fission bomb is incredibly easy, once you have enough pu239. i mean it is century-old physics, achievable with your great-grandfather's technology. c'mon.

it is a lot of electric however. i recommend investing in a hydro station.

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