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Comment: Re:Why not as civilians? (Score 1) 223

by droptone (#48739717) Attached to: US Army Could Waive Combat Training For Hackers

If the enemy has breached the defenses of, say, Fort Gordon, GA where you are employed as a hacker/contractor, then the massive damage has already happened and the M16 (which wasn't assigned to the hacker anyway) isn't going to change the result.

By that logic, the marginal extra gun in Fallujah shouldn't have stopped the Coalition forces. I get why you're saying that, but the military simply shouldn't operate that way. If their goal is the security of a country, then every soldier should be at least able to shoot a gun. We're not talking about requiring their PT scores to be insane, or their grooming to be on point. But shooting a gun? Really? That's a trivial requirement.

Comment: Re:"suspected pedophile" (Score 2) 150

by droptone (#48513411) Attached to: UK Authorities Launching Massive Child Abuse Database

I think that is spending good money and cops that would be better spent on preventative work.

Hell, despite the fact that I share the Slashdot hivemind's distaste for police officers, if it reduces the mind-boggling trauma that surely comes from repeatedly looking at child porn, then it's worth it.

That's got to be immensely psychologically damaging.

Comment: Interesting (Score 0) 413

by BCW2 (#48479345) Attached to: Mathematicians Study Effects of Gerrymandering On 2012 Election
Since I live in North Carolina I just have to comment. If anyone thinks the Democrats that controlled the legislature for over 90 of the last 100 years didn't try to gerrymander, they are fools. The fact that they lost the legislature anyway tells any person that actually thinks for themselves that the people aren't buying what they are selling. Even when the districts are drawn to influence the outcome, if the people get fed up, the seat will change anyway. One seat that stayed Democrat was NC 12. A look at the map shows why, this twisted like a run over snake district runs along I85 from Greensboro to Charlotte and has bits of 4 counties. A black Republican woman can't win there (DR Ada Fisher tried at least 4 times). Only a liberal Democrat can possibly win. I doubt if that will change in my lifetime since the courts won't allow it.

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