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Comment: Re:What is the greatest lower bound? (Score 1) 194

by Guignol (#45517033) Attached to: Mathematicians Team Up To Close the Prime Gap

The proof as laid out is correct for an arbitrary N. The induction step is to show that it is also true for N+1

Appart for the major woosh, as you didn't get the obvious joke "this holds for any N" -> "no !!! only for N-2" (and I'm not sure at this point that you will even get the hint)
You seem to have a major problem understanding the induction process which you claim to be your prefered and most intuitive way of understanding mathematical proofs. (but since you're a nice person you still admit that your GP's post is good enough for slashdot standards (thank you very much for him/her and the rest of us))
So "The proof as laid out is correct for an arbitrary N" as you said... Why in the world would you need to show that it is also true for N+1 ? N+1 *is* an arbitrary N
Induction is about having specific working examples (not arbitrary !!!) and proving that from here the next candidates must also be valid.
Also, induction is not just about having N and proving N+1, or I could 'prove' you many funny things (sometimes you need more than just one element to get the next and depend on several ones (P(0) and P(1) are true, thus P(2) (depending on the previous two) is true) :)

Comment: Re:AMD (Score 1) 310

by Guignol (#45507637) Attached to: Xbox One Released
So there we were, following a nice, civilized, interesting conversation about "alot" vs "a lot", "dumbass" vs "dumb ass", "incorrectly" vs "wrongly", "your" vs "you're", black vs white, good vs evil, ...
I made some popcorn (vs pop corn), I come back, and you completely ruin it by talking about the Xbox One (vs XBone)
Shame on you...

Comment: Re:What the fuck is a "Feedly"? (Score 1) 251

by Guignol (#45376617) Attached to: Feedly Forces Its Users To Create Google+ Profiles
Yep, same here
I "noscript block" anything coming from google, block cookies, and only allow them when someone finally calls me to say "hey I sent you an email why don't you answer ?"
I temporarily then accept the cookies, check the mail, block and clean again
I unfortunately have many mails there, but more than that, it's the way I'm supposed to be reached for important notifications, or, say, recover a lost password (from slashdot among others)
So it will take some time, but, I'll be closing this account with great satisfaction soon enough

If you don't have time to do it right, where are you going to find the time to do it over?