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Comment Re:The Diamond Age? (Score 1) 272

And you're omitting the fact that there were 3 girls that had "primers" but Nell was the only one that was raised successfully, IIRC the other 2 developed psychological or sociological problems. Nell was also the only one that wasn't actually raised by the primer, but by more or less one person (Miranda), as main "ractor" through the "primer". Effectively the moral of "The Diamond Age" is that children can not be raised by machines. In other words: according to the Diamond Age this project is doomed ...

Comment Re:Install Good Logging Practices (Score 2, Informative) 402

That's why you should always try to log all inputs and outputs (which includes configuration data, etc.) along with a timestamp. Afterward you can replay the situation in a test environment. If you properly set this up during development phase, this will already pay back during test phase. The developer can analyse the problem offline and proof that the fix actually solves the issue before it is shipped to production. It could even be part of an automatic testing environment.

Windows Media Center Restricts Cable TV 448

PrescriptionWarning writes "With the latest Media Center Edition update from Microsoft, I and many others are finding that content available on television is now completely unwatchable from Media Center. The message states: 'Restricted Content: Restrictions set by the broadcaster and/or originator of the content prohibit playback of the program on this computer.' A simple search on the subject reveals that HBO programming and, in my case, Braveheart on AMC are among the many selections now restricted for playback or recording by Windows Media Center Edition. What's next, restricting every piece of programming on television?"

Submission + - Robotic submarine maps worlds deepest sinkhole

holy_calamity writes: The world's deepest water-filled sinkhole has finally been mapped — by a robotic submarine who's descendants may swim on one of Jupiter's moons. The last attempt to find the bottom yielded the SCUBA diving depth record and the death of a diving legend. The sub's SONAR found that the divers were about 10m from the floor, and that the sinkhole which is over 300m deep could be connected to even deeper caves.

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