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Comment: Re:The death of leniency (Score 1) 643

by Guest316 (#47771751) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

I don't know the current status of a couple states that have tried to make recording of officers in public a crime.

Illinois and Massachusetts. Both have had cases go to their highest state courts, which defended the right to video officers on duty under the First Amendment. In both states they tried to appeal to their respective US district courts, and both US courts agreed with the state ruling and refused to accept the appeals. As far as I know the laws still stand anyway.

Comment: Re:Just wondering ... (Score 2) 137

by Guest316 (#47643677) Attached to: Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces

We are spending a river now. Where is it going?

From a relatively brief inside view, it's being spent on and by the usual assortment of clueless suits. Got a sudden windfall earmarked for "tech?" Well, uh, who do we know that does computery things? Let's contact the only company we've heard of and not bother asking any of those nerds we pay to do tech stuff. Hey Mr Gates, we've got a ton of money we don't know what to do with, can you help us spend it?

Yeah, it went pretty much like that. And the greasy salesmen were soon swarming all over sniffing out any perfectly functional and robust systems they could find to replace with PCs in rackmount cases. They never did work right. I'm sure the suits were happy with whatever kickbacks they got, and their ability to point at shiny new boxes and proudly show off how well they modernized things.

Comment: Re:Repeat after me... (Score 1) 534

You can't have representatives of the State killing innocents and then just saying "Whoops, my bad" and then throwing money at the family.

Then you'll be pleased to know they don't do that. Rather, they give the representatives in question a paid vacation while the chief works out a version of the events that complies with department policies and returns a report that no evidence of wrong-doing was found.

As a bonus, they may find reasons to arrest and charge any survivors.

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