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You can't have representatives of the State killing innocents and then just saying "Whoops, my bad" and then throwing money at the family.

Then you'll be pleased to know they don't do that. Rather, they give the representatives in question a paid vacation while the chief works out a version of the events that complies with department policies and returns a report that no evidence of wrong-doing was found.

As a bonus, they may find reasons to arrest and charge any survivors.

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TFA also says the CDAA opposed it as well, for being "too vague." This could be a genuine issue. For one, it could have unintended secondary effects (such as being open enough to be abused in ways it was never intended), or itself be ruled unconstitutional for being too wide-sweeping in its vagueness. This is just speculation for now as I try to dig up more info.

For that matter, I'm not sure of the utility of a state law reaffirming the Constitution's constitutionality. But it could be interesting to see what this one dissenter is all about.

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by Guest316 (#47015173) Attached to: Sony To Make Movie of Edward Snowden Story
Well unfortunately, whether intentionally or not, by criticizing only one side you're implicitly exculpating the other by omission. Same had you only mentioned Bush, since both have played their parts in this issue. Not that I disagree with what you said, only that you may have muddied your message with that closing paragraph. Consider this a stylistic suggestion rather than an argument.

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by Guest316 (#46879281) Attached to: Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs
I can't imagine even a long drop hanging being painless. Think how it'd feel to have your shoulder knocked out of alignment, then imagine that sensation in your neck instead. Consider that the brain can survive for about ten minutes without oxygen, even if unconsciousness would come somewhat sooner. Breaking the neck simply cuts off the brain from the rest of the body and halts its movement--it doesn't instantly kill everything from the noose up.

I'm not interested in joining the death penalty debate, simply putting forth the notion that motionless does not equate painless.

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