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Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 2) 347

I have mixed experiences with my Garmin Nuvi. On one hand, it often comes up with a really brilliant solution that seems daft right up until you magically arrive at your destination by the most brilliant route possible. On the other hand, sometimes it sends me several blocks out of the way for literally no reason whatsoever. It doesn't save me any stop signs or anything. I use it anyway, and mostly just trust it because sometimes it knows something really important like how to avoid an inexplicable one-way street, but I'd like it to put a little more effort into avoiding those pointless cases. And yes, I have traffic, but never has it lit up the map in one of those cases to suggest that it was doing me a favor.

Oh look, I have a 5 minute posting delay. How quaint.

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 2) 347

Because local knowledge doesn't know about CURRENT traffic conditions or road closures or accidents or...

Neither does a GPS without an internet connection.

That's not true, for somewhat variable values of not true. I have a Garmin Nuvi 1450LMT IIRC, the LMT I'm sure about — it has liftime maps and traffic. The vehicle charging cable is also a receiver for traffic information. ISTR it's sent next to FM radio frequencies, but that could be complete horseshit. I've had it work when I've driven through metro areas.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 560

The net might have changed things enough. But it was a nightmare for me.
It was 20+ years ago.

Not only has it, but it did it a seriously long time ago for some models. For example, the really good 240SX mailing list is 20+ years old.

I wound up having to wait 6 weeks for parts, I hadn't realized I needed, to come from Japan. If I'd have known how long that was, I'd have just done the junkyard thing, but I was an optimist back then. It's not like they didn't have Jets flying the pacific.

My 240SX limited slip turned out to have come from a Z32 300ZX and not from a 240SX, so I needed Infiniti axles (I forget which now) to fit it into my S13 fastback. But all that information was readily available to me.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 560

Just sell the slushbox and buy one with a real transmission.

Well, the problem is that there is literally no other car like it in the world... in my price range. :) All the other similar cars differ in some major respect. The successors, besides being orders of magnitude more expensive, are also hundreds of pounds heavier. The cost-viable competition isn't made out of Aluminum, either, with all the corrosion resistance that implies.

Anyway, Audi six-speed swaps are pretty well-solved problems with all-factory parts, and putting one into the D2 A8 is no exception. The only part that's hard to come by, and thus commonly worked around, is the right front axle. I think it's the right, anyway. If you can't find a rare euro axle, you need a spacer. It's a pretty simple thing, though. You can also theoretically get a custom axle shaft made up from the old one, but I don't know if anyone has actually gone that route. I forget if you need a totally new pedal box, or just to add the clutch pedal. You don't need a new ECU, though it can take a reflash. That's a a solved problem for Bosch ME7.

Comment Re:OpenOffice kind of sucked (Score 1) 176

Or Scribus. Or TeX. Or anything that makes PDFs.

Has Scribus stopped exploding? I found that if you tried to do anything more complex than a newsletter, it was crashes all the way down. Went back to using Adobe CS2 in a VM and I couldn't be happier compared to using Scribus and Inkscape, even if it is a bit poky.

Comment Re:OpenOffice kind of sucked (Score 1) 176

I gotta break this to you, because it's hilarious... so did Wordpenis, I mean wordpervert, I mean wordperfect.* It had no problem with this even back in the DOS days.

* This is what we called this stuff back then, adults and not-so-adults alike, and if you don't like it, you can suck me while I'm Micro$oft on some Compu$erve.

Comment Re:Open source SCO (Score 1) 199

Have you ever used SCO?
I have. It wasn't a bad system.

Bad is a strong word. What it was? Dumb. It had old versions of everything and a non-standard mail daemon that totally failed to make anything easier than just using sendmail... so why not just use sendmail? They also wanted $INFINITY dollars for a compiler, which ultimately let Linux kill them. You want people to pay hundreds for the OS and pay hundreds again for a single compiler license while Linux will give it all to you for free and do everything SCO Unix does, to boot? HAHAHAAHAHAHA.

SCO Xenix was by far the best OS that would run on a 286. But by the time the 486 was a thing, say, there was no longer a reason to run anything from SCO.

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