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Comment: Re:to ensure there's no competitive advantage... (Score 1) 82

by Gudeldar (#32528050) Attached to: US Patent Office Teams With Google On Database
Google is hosting all the raw data and metadata for public consumption. Google already has a frontend for patents, if Bing or Yahoo wanted to build their own patent search all they would have to do is go to Google's website and download the raw data. You can download the data yourself if you really want to (it would have been nice if the article included a link).

Comment: Re:Google is hypocritical (Score 5, Insightful) 562

by Gudeldar (#32521044) Attached to: Google Slams Apple Over iPhone Ad Ban
Talk about the a false equivalency. Google owns their web site and search results. Apple doesn't own the mobile apps in the app store, at least until they change the developer agreement to say they do. A real equivalent would be if Google said that anyone who wanted to show up in their search results had to use AdSense or they were banned from the index. People would be outraged, and rightly so. The FTC/DOJ would come down them very hard if they ever tried anything like that.

Comment: Re:Other way (Score 1) 283

by Gudeldar (#32404676) Attached to: Cutting Through the 4G Hype
Maybe I'm just not popular enough, but usually I've looked up all the information I need before I call somebody. Hanging up and then calling someone back isn't exactly the most onerous thing in the world either. I have an iPhone and I think the only time I've used that ability is a few times when I was on hold and not near my desktop/laptop (which doesn't happen that often).

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