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Comment Re:local passenger rail loses money as setting fai (Score 1) 346

Second reply to your comment because I'm apparently a moron today. Re-reading the last three posts, my OPEC comment was irrelevant to what I should have asked to begin with. Please elaborate on the connection between shale oil fracking and local passenger rail, aside from them both being (currently) unprofitable ventures. I can't understand what point you were trying to make.

Comment Re:local passenger rail loses money as setting fai (Score 1) 346

In answer to your question: I'm not suggesting that at all. Returning to your original comment, I'm still not understanding what connection you're trying to make between shale oil fracking and passenger rail, unless you're simply trying to point out that any venture can lose money.

Comment So...this kid hacked Yahoo? (Score 2) 132

Aside from his target being James Clapper, I'm not really sure what the fuss is. From my reading of the article, Cracka managed to re-route residential phone numbers and got into some Yahoo accounts. Granted, this isn't the greatest PR for the DNI and this kid is certainly more technically skilled than I am, but it's not like he compromised a classified system somewhere. Perhaps someone else with more technical expertise can explain to me what I'm missing?

Comment Re:distribution of wealth and (Score 1) 729

Perhaps I was unclear. I'm not asking you to "lead me by the nose to the numbers", I was asking for clarification on what numbers you're considering relevant here. Rates of unemployment? GDP by year? Hourly productivity rates of factories? Mean income? Poverty rates?

Comment Re:Let me tell you about America, comrade. (Score 1) 143

Okay, that's three comments and three times that you have failed to provide a counter-argument to my original argument that a difference in the scale of corruption is a significant difference in the corruption situation between the US and Russia. Instead you've decided to attack me for supposedly reading too much into your comment. Since you're either incapable or unwilling to mount a coherent defense of your original assertion, I'll conclude you're either a friggin' moron or a troll. Either way, it's apparent that talking to you is a waste of my time. Good day.

Comment Re:Loudspeakers vs. nukes? (Score 1) 170

South Korean attitudes towards the US military vary based largely on age-group. The elder population who remembers the Korean war are largely supportive of the US military presence, the younger generations, not so much. Koreans who live near military bases generally tend to at least tolerate the US due to the large amount of money soldiers spend on the local economy.

Comment Re:Let me tell you about America, comrade. (Score 1) 143

You're spot-on on the difference, but you're a little naive (or stubbornly ideological) to think that a difference in the scale of corruption isn't a difference in the situation. When thegnat talks about bribing a government official, he/she/it means having to pay a utility clerk additional under-the-table money not to convieniently lose the money you just paid the power company, or having to shell out additional funds to keep a permit from "getting lost", or paying off the county clerk to secure a government job for your nephew.

Comment Re:Can a corporate security officer comment (Score 1) 314

You're referring to Microsoft Corporation v. United States of America. MS partially complied with a federal warrant by turning over information stored on US servers, but not information stored on servers located in Ireland. MS lost the original case and subsequent appeal, but is currently appealing to Second Circuit Court.

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