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Comment "Expert" witnesses for the plaintiffs? WTF? (Score 1) 416

From the summary and article:

[blockquote]The theory presented by the Meads and experts who testified on their behalf...[/blockquote]

Who are these "experts"? Are their identities in the public record? I want to know how these fools can possibly considered qualified, expert witnesses when they clearly lack the medical and scientific judgment to critically and objectively evaluate and analyze the facts in front of them. Really. How is it that these people still have jobs?

Comment Re:Ok, where are they??? An answer of sorts (Score 1) 584

That's a pretty weak argument.

While I have been spending a little time in this thread defending the naysayers, simply because they're right in some cases, telling someone they can wait on another promise of Linux superiority have fallen short time after time is no answer. Either Linux needs to step it up and take the brass ring or the community has to admit that they've missed an opportunity. Which is it going to be?

This isn't too far from the Linux on the desktop debate. Those who say that they don't care about Linux on the desktop because it doesn't support their apps are 100% correct. Either the open source needs to answer the call or understand why people go elsewhere for their technology.

As for the idea of there being some non-DRM legal-for-download PDFs? So what? I'm sure these same titles will be importable to the iBooks system. Aside from that it does me no good to be able to download A Tale of Two Cities when I really want Under the Dome. And in some cases it won't do for reasons outside of one's control. Apple would be wise to cut good deals with textbook publishers early on. This is an area where there is no alternative. You can't step into a class room with just any book on trig when the prof wants you to have Trigonometry (9th Edition) by Margaret L. Lial, John S. Hornsby, and David I. Schneider.

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