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Comment: Re:No thanks. (Score 1) 141

by Gruuk (#38578002) Attached to: RIM's Playbook On Clearance

Most Playbook issues are software related; most Fire issues are hardware related. Next month, RIM will be releasing that email client update and other patches can follow, so the Playbook will be get better.

On the other hand, Amazon can't issue a patch that would add RAM, storage, bluetooth, a GPS or extra cameras; the Fire will always remain a very limited device, while the Playbook has far more potential even if RIM folds a couple of years from now.

Comment: Re:No thanks. (Score 1) 141

by Gruuk (#38572874) Attached to: RIM's Playbook On Clearance

You think the two devices are equivalent?


Compare the specs yourself. Notice what the Fire lacks compared to the most basic of Playbooks.

16GB Playbook:
CPU: 1 GHz TI OMAP 4 4430 dual core
Display: 7", 1024×600,Capacitive touch sensitive.
Storage: 16 GB
3-axis accelerometer-gyroscope
Camera 1080p HD video: 5 MP rear, 3 MP front
Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Now, the far shorter list of the Fire:
CPU: 1 GHz TI OMAP 4 4430 dual core
Display: 7", 1024×600,Capacitive touch sensitive.
Storage: 8 GB
RAM: 512 MB
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
3.5 mm stereo socket

I got my wife a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I do think it's a very nice device (and good enough for her needs), but aside for the CPU and screen in no way is it equivalent to the lowest end Playbook feature-wise; GPS + Bluetooth + twice the RAM + Twice the Storage + 2 Cameras + gyroscope + Magnetometer + HDMI out justify the $99 difference. I do like Android a whole lot (even have my own Android tablet) but it doesn't make me blind to the fact that at this price, the Playbook is an excellent value.


Should Science Be King In Politics? 737

Posted by Soulskill
from the instead-of-the-court-jester dept.
Layzej writes "According to former Republican representative Bob Inglis, being conservative means dealing in facts. He suggests that energy and climate policy warrants a conservative approach based on science and accountability, rather than a populist approach based on denial and wishful thinking. He also proposes an intriguing free market solution to our energy and climate challenges."

Comment: Re:Actually looks very good but. (Score 2) 521

by Gruuk (#37541586) Attached to: Amazon Kindle Fire Surfaces

I own a hacked Viewsonic g Tablet as well and it more than meets my needs but I agree it's not the best as an ereader, so my own wife wasn't that interested in it. However, as soon as she saw the Kindle Fire's price and specs, she expressed far more interest than for any other tablet so far.

Amazon is going for casual users unwilling to pay the much higher cost of the admittedly superior iPad; sounds like Wii (when it was launched) vs other, "better" consoles, doesn't it?

Comment: Thanks (Score 1) 1521

by Gruuk (#37204554) Attached to: Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Resigns From Slashdot

I've had the pleasure of meeting the Slashdot crew waaaaaay back in 1999 (I think at ALS); seeing the people responsible for my favorite geeky site was very cool (and so were they). It will be strange to not have CmdrTaco on the only website I've visited almost every day since 1998.

Thanks dude, you made many days spent at work a lot more enjoyable.

Comment: Re:Probably would have saved the GTab... (Score 1) 373

by Gruuk (#35712212) Attached to: Google Fights Back Against Android Fragmentation

I also recently bought the g-Tablet, a splendid tablet once flashed with another ROM (aside from the screen, which isn't as bad as I had feared based on all the reviews I read). Viewsonic completely dropped the ball on their customization of Android, making a tablet superb hardware specs (same CPU as the Xoom) slow and unstable. It's sad that there are multiple hacker developed ROMs that completely crush the stock version performance- and stability-wise.

Google's announcements do mean that Honeycomb ROMs are still many months away, which is unfortunate. Still, XDA developers have done a fine job with Froyo; with gingerbread ROMs in the works, I don't feel bad about having to wait a bit more for Honeycomb.

+ - Nokia Pondering to Make an Alliance With Microsoft->

Submitted by Dayze!Confused
Dayze!Confused (717774) writes "An article in the New York Times says:

Shares of Nokia, the mobile phone market leader, climbed for a fourth day on Thursday amid speculation that the company may be poised to announce a software alliance with Microsoft designed to revive its struggling U.S. smartphone business.

Is this enough to revive both Microsoft's and Nokia's dwindling influence in the US cellphone market? Particularly in the smartphone market which has been dominated by Apple, R.I.M., and multiple vendors selling Android based systems?"
Link to Original Source


+ - The Dark Side of the New Android Market->

Submitted by Gunkerty Jeb
Gunkerty Jeb (1950964) writes "A new version of the Android Market has just been launched, making it possible for every device owner to look for applications, buy or even remotely install apps to an Android device directly from the browser on a desktop computer. Wait, remotely install? Have we misheard something?

No, it’s an official feature of the brand new market. If you use an Android device, it means that you have a GMail account associated with your device, and now you can remotely install any application from the Android store"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:And this is front page news, why? (Score 1) 157

by Gruuk (#31249748) Attached to: How Twitter Is Moving To the Cassandra Database

Which is exactly why it would be huge and relevant news if there was something that could make Twitter run way better. It's a perfect example, as it is a very well know websites, with very well known problems related to scalability.

Thank you for helping me prove the point, by the way, that was mighty kind of you.

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