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Comment: Re:A-level first year of study? (Score 2, Informative) 663

by Grundlefleck (#32191050) Attached to: Exam Board Deletes C and PHP From CompSci A-Levels
GP is almost right. A-Level is lower, or lesser, than the first level of study at university. It is the culminating level for high school students. Unless other posters here expect high school graduates (at approx. age 18) to enter the university graduate market (without those 3-4 years of university learning), then none of them have grasped this.

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 306

by Grundlefleck (#31936598) Attached to: Cox Discontinues Usenet, Starting In June

3) What about all the things my newsreader does that Google Groups does not? Saving threads for reading off line, killfile, etc.

Don't really know if this would satisfy your requirement, but I've subscribed to Google Groups and through POP access I receive all the messages in my email client, for offline reading. And decent email clients should provide filtering matching killfile capabilities, I think. Can't recall using Usenet, so I may be wrong to think the two are comparable.

Comment: Re:Um why (Score 1) 221

by Grundlefleck (#31454146) Attached to: A Sad Day For the New Zealand Internet
I can't remember where I saw it (sorry, no citation) but I think it may have been a member of Scotland Yard's unit for these kind of crimes (for the UK). They said that basically, the only paedophiles left using the Internet to actually share materials are the really, really stupid ones. The ones that can properly organise these rings, and are successful in their attempts to find and harm children without being caught, only use the anonymous, confidential postal service to share the materials.

I wonder how long before those packages are inspected.

Comment: 100Mbps sounds nice... (Score 1) 247

by Grundlefleck (#31282926) Attached to: Virgin Promises 100Mbps Connections To UK Homes
... but I'd rather be stuck on 2Mbps than have to put up with their extremely shitty customer service again.

Broken promises for installation date, way way over what they estimated, with no communication about the delay. And when we wanted to cancel the service, we were put on hold for around 2 hours, at a pretty costly rate. Bully for you if your service gets installed without a hitch, I won't be taking that risk again.

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