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Don't think so...would have cost them a fortune as part of benefits package was 9x annual salary payout for death while travelling on company business. Much cheaper just to sell us off to another company and have them do the nasty layoff stuff about 6 years later. Which is what they did.

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by Grumpinuts (#44420809) Attached to: Apple Retailer Facing Class Action Suit Over Employee Bag Checks
Story I got told about a car plant, long closed, not far from where I live. At the end of a shift, a group of workers leaving were milling around, laughing and shouting at one lad who was perched on top of his mate's shoulders. The security guard asked one of them what all the fuss was about. The worked replied "Oh that's Wullie, it';s his stag night tonight.". The security guard smiled and waved them through. Once out of sight, Wullie and his carrier took off their jackets revealing the complete exhaust assembly they'd had hidden up their backs (It was a small car btw),

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Wish I had mod points today would up your post. I work with kids in crisis and we are seeing more and more with attachment issues. Parents for whatever reason lacked the parenting capacity to bond with the child in the first months after birth and it causes real and measurable cognitive and developmental and social issues as the child grows. I was lucky enough to be around for my youngest daughter when she was under 12 months and I still regards those days as the happiest of my life and it is a source of guilt and regret that for mainly financial circumstances I hadn't been able to do that for all my kids.

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