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Comment Re:Confessed? (Score 1) 244

Free Lawyers? 'Worth every penny' you don't have to pay??? The courts often make $$ a condition of probation; Pay the court appointed attorney blah blah blah. In my case my defending lawyer told me to "just plead guilty." It cost me $275.00 in 1969 for a 'free lawyer.' Sure I did not HAVE to pay it. But I wanted off probation. Settling for a "public defender" was dumb. I was 18 and did not know better. NOW I DO. Do NOT ever plead guilty Do NOT even talk to an officer. Dummy up. They are there to collect enough evidence to convict someone. Sometimes we hear about 'planted evidence' etc. Justice is for the well off. Lawyers support this scenario gladly.

Comment Re:Most Significant, If Not the First, Post (Score 1) 492

MS has made statements to the effect that they did not realize the 'advertising potential.' Looks like advertising platform is a VERY good new name for Win10. Of course they (M$) will tout the mass acceptance of their "free upgrade" that will arrive someday soon to my reserved tag. THE BIGGEST DOWNLOAD IN HISTORY! Maybe the LONGEST running. I hope their servers choke on it. Have you noticed M$ is giving away the win10 upgrade to the 'least needed' crowd? And that M$ was listening when most of us said every newer version of windows is like an upgrade from the last. Why should we buy a new windows version when it's basically an upgrade? Point taken...thanks Bill G

Comment Re: Just the beginning (Score 1) 190

"My TV doesn't tell me that, it tells me it's flat, with some bad indicators." PLUS it tells you how much better it is than the rest of the world RIGHT? So that makes even more reason to trounce the euro etc. Meanwhile China's stock market plunge is being covered VERY little. I hope they don't want their 1.5 trillion US$ real soon.

Comment Re:But this is a new low... (Score 0) 226

I love that analogy NotDrWho. Remember this is done by a "Democratic Nation" I am an American and I am ashamed of what we do in the world and to our own citizens. Remember Joe Wilson? The CIA guy that tried to warn us of the George Bush reason to go to war with Iran; "Substantial quantities of Uranium from Africa" lie? Him and his beautiful wife were ran under the bus. The 'big Dick' Cheney should be drug back here from Dubai and strung up for treachery. But naaaaw let's just keep paying double for oil. And not put anything into mass transit. Like the rest of the world is showing us the very thing we need to do here. Wake up.

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