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Comment: Re:One of many service vehicles (Score 1) 76

by Grow Old Timber (#48887893) Attached to: The Camera That Changed the Universe
Surely you read about the army's mini shuttle that has been in space, orbiting for almost 2 years? "After twenty-two months in orbit, on its second space mission, the Air Force plans to bring the X-37B back to Earth" Now you know what is servicing the spy scopes since the shuttle has been grounded AND they are getting serviced by robotics. We won't hear how great it is on the paid-for newscasts, only here. 17 Hubble sized spy telescopes sounds about right, to cover enough of the Earth we fear most. Who knows what other great things we'll come up with because of our fear of the unknown. Way to go Hubble I'm humbled by your wonderment you brought us. Without scaring us into submission. Also a big thanks to the astronauts that saved it from being a fiasco. That new camera the article spoke of was the ticket 10,000 galaxies looking through an orifice the size of a straw! Now multiply that across the skies.

Comment: Just Maybe it might be a golden turd! (Score 1) 248

MS knows it has to do something right to save their ass; Remember when Bill thought the internet browser wasn't a big thing and The Netscape catch up? Their answer? make the IE logo spin like the Netscape one, ha ha. Then slowly websites started working better in IE than netscape for some reason... Well putting away the cluttered browser no one uses anymore couldn't hurt right? Maybe it will have it's own Porn search engine that can't be tracked...

Comment: Re:temporary (Score 1) 363

by Grow Old Timber (#48690467) Attached to: Trees vs. Atmospheric Carbon: A Fight That Makes Sense?
Why all these sequestering facts? That's beyond the point entirely Geez. Just realize trees breath CO2 continually and exhaling oxygen? As long as it's alive. Isn't that enough of a reason for more trees? The ocean locks up the most carbon as limestone. That's why our oceans are important too.

Comment: Re:Forest Land Area from 1630 to 2002 (Score 1) 363

by Grow Old Timber (#48690345) Attached to: Trees vs. Atmospheric Carbon: A Fight That Makes Sense?
"we need to stop recycling paper ASAP Throwing away paper in landfills is a form of sequestering carbon underground." WRONG. There is plenty of paper NOT able to be recycled that ends up in the landfill, (our future methane source.) and plastic bags are the 'cells' that will sore the methane in pockets there. Use your plastic shopping bags for garbage disposal which most of us do now. Our ancestors will appreciate it.

Comment: Re:Forest Land Area from 1630 to 2002 (Score 3) 363

by Grow Old Timber (#48689673) Attached to: Trees vs. Atmospheric Carbon: A Fight That Makes Sense?
See my name? Grow Old Timber. What a concept. My idea? If the industry wants to cut down the remaining largest trees(which they do) I say grow your own old trees to harvest and leave the remaining one for us to remember what the country was before it was paved over. A little history;.. Gifford Pinchot 'invented' the phrase "tree farm" to plant the idea in the minds of the people of sustainable harvests regularly (every 40yrs) has now become every 38years...the moss doesn't even have a chance to form, leaving the moisture collecting benefits of moss gone. In the remaining rain forest here, it 'rains' on non cloudy days due to the hanging moss effectively wringing-out the moisture of the air, really. 40 times it's own weight was measured. That's why streams decline after the forests have been altered. The US forest service named the largest forest in the NW US after him (Gifford Pinchot) Now that's ironic. 30 years ago the harvests had reached the top of the cascade range. Damn. Let's blame the tree-huggers, we need those remaining monster trees, right? What's worse, the pulp and timber industry have gone overseas and to Brazil Indonesia etc for MORE. Destroying animal habitat and wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting. The industry only sees 1 thing, product, and does not even understand half of what they are doing. Now it gas become more apparent biting us on the ass...with higher tides etc. Still they will deny it. Most of the big trees were cut down in the late 1800s to make coke(that's an old name for purified charcoal) for creating a better iron (steel) for the railroads. Thanks to Andrew Carnegie. That's how most of the original virgin timber was given to them, in exchange for rails. This was done just before we figured out how to use electricity(by a mere 20 years) to clean the iron ore better How sad is that? So Plant a maple tree in the front yard for a source of leaves to wipe your ass with. Hardly a solution I admit. Trees breath CO2 and exhale Oxygen, shade the earth creating micro-climates and make wonderful composts. ALL beneficial. If you have the groundwater to support it, Plant that tree and let it become Old Timber. Thanks .

Comment: Re:Hubble EOL Hardly.. (Score 1) 70

Watching a NASA video on you tube about the Hubble Telescope's history; it said '5 upgrades have been made.' That keeps it fairly relevant in the search from 'outer' space, as far as we can see outward without an atmosphere. The images still astound me! And make me wonder about how we are 'plugged in'... and is that itself not wonderful? YES!

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