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Comment Re: Just the beginning (Score 1) 190 190

"My TV doesn't tell me that, it tells me it's flat, with some bad indicators." PLUS it tells you how much better it is than the rest of the world RIGHT? So that makes even more reason to trounce the euro etc. Meanwhile China's stock market plunge is being covered VERY little. I hope they don't want their 1.5 trillion US$ real soon.

Comment Re:But this is a new low... (Score 0) 226 226

I love that analogy NotDrWho. Remember this is done by a "Democratic Nation" I am an American and I am ashamed of what we do in the world and to our own citizens. Remember Joe Wilson? The CIA guy that tried to warn us of the George Bush reason to go to war with Iran; "Substantial quantities of Uranium from Africa" lie? Him and his beautiful wife were ran under the bus. The 'big Dick' Cheney should be drug back here from Dubai and strung up for treachery. But naaaaw let's just keep paying double for oil. And not put anything into mass transit. Like the rest of the world is showing us the very thing we need to do here. Wake up.

Comment Re: Marketing-driven deadlines (Score 1) 290 290

Everyone does not have a few hundred dollars in their wallet Mr Starbucks. I'll wait for a used or damaged unit that I can fix to get the OS for free. That is unless MS starts charging a yearly license. Then its linux for the masses. My POS winXP uodate should last until 2019 and there will be plenty of Win10 machines being thrown out by then! I paid $20 for a dealer to instal Win98SE and that's the LAST time I bought windows other than a reinstall copy for $10.

Comment Re:Sanders amazes me (Score 1) 395 395

Don't give any poverty 'victims' anything but a CHANCE to succeed. Redistributing wealth does NOT mean handing out anything but advice on how to hold on to your money and invest like rich people do. You know, in a place like public school??? Why aren't we told about falling under the credit 'thumb of life' there? A hand up not a hand out. Get real you whinners. I donated $10 to Bernie for a statement. He has a chance if he opposes the status quo. Everyone knows we HAVE to do SOMETHING to fix our (best government corporate money can buy.)

Comment Re:Microsoft is a Patent Troll (Score 1) 103 103

Let's see proper criticism? Ok Give me ALL their brand names so we know which ones to bury burn or otherwise mutilate. I will have to shop wisely to find a company they have NOT assimilated. Borg Gates. Your MSoffice purchase allows this sort of dominating. So SSstop it.

Comment Re:Shocked he survived (Score 1) 327 327

Imagine there's not assholes it easy if you can. Imagine theres no bird dogs or even their man. Imagine all the people realizing all the crap you hoo speel. Being subjected to over paid messages is NOT free speech it PAID for speech. And there is NO WAY you can shoe horn it into our 'democratic' platform shoes. Damn bird dog humpers anyway go watch FOX news.

Comment Re:Shocked he survived (Score 1) 327 327

So if this guy did some real heinous thing... Sure IF he did blah blah blah but he did not he got in the news the modern way. He makes a point we are being sidelined for PACs and capitalism. We need a voice anyway possible. I applaud this hero from the Post Office. KUDOs man!

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