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Comment: Re:One thing for sure (Score 1) 512

by Grow Old Timber (#49149161) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion
"you clearly don't understand how humans have evolved in that respect, even over the past couple thousand years." Clearly? Enlighten us dimwitts...if you can. Some still believe "he" is coming back someday sooon! After 2000yrs... soon. If you try to "Christianize" AI it would not allow religion into its' process other than a reference for the base assumptions that some humans believe. Religion is for influence and has no part in intelligence. It's quite the opposite. If you have no idea how something works you say I have faith ;-) But it goes to show you how bent a religious person can be. For gods' sake don't let them be jewish or muslims! AI needs to be non discriminating to be really intelligent right?

Comment: Re:It probably IS the NSA (Score 1) 86

by Grow Old Timber (#49103605) Attached to: US State Department Can't Get Rid of Email Hackers
ANSWER: use real post office mail. Not hackable AND we can save the US post office from looking for additional revenue too. Sometimes convenience needs to be examined under a microscope. Send a hard copy. Then the NSA will get a paper cut opening envelopes and quit spying...Naaaaaah! At least it won't be so easy to spy on the disgruntled crowd.

Comment: Prohibitively expensive! Licenses R a nut-kick (Score 1) 64

by Grow Old Timber (#49084641) Attached to: BBC Radio Drops WMA For MPEG-DASH
Prohibitively expensive> Not for (one of) the most monopolistic and richest companies in the USA. Thank you BBC for telling MS to shove their license up it. BTW who is ready to pay a yearly license for win10? I'd rather use win98SE with all those cracked free programs remember how great they were? And how those "free programs" made MS a predominant computer OS. Then they had to make WINXP DRM crappy and nothing you had or bought like musical keyboards from creative worked. That is unless you bought the proper CDs for $250 to learn you really couldn't use them. Forget about "trial versions." Applications for audio and MIDI compiling and other things? But at least we were 'productive' right? Bullshit.

Comment: Re:In Before... (Score 1) 76

by Grow Old Timber (#49084135) Attached to: Sony To Release Google Glass Competitor
I would like to remind you that Philips had an equal share in bringing the CD to market. But who stifled the recordable CD? All the while declaring "I can record on a disk! I can record on a disk! in their ads. Well I bought one of those Mini disk recorders after they were in garage sales for 10s of dollars. Sure they worked like a mini floppy disc. Never fell for the hype and price of $300 to $500. Guess that's what will go down this time too. a little time drops prices like a lead weight. Me thinks they will come out with a Helmet named The Ah SoNee MeSee glasses. They remind me of a company in Redmond Washington always trying to enter a market late with proprietary batteries and software formats. And let's not forget the unlocking COA crap.

Comment: Re:Weak (Score 1) 65

by Grow Old Timber (#49064433) Attached to: California Floats Conditional Approval For Comcast/TWC Merger
You want more? Discount all we are hoping for and roll over and pay through your **** The "last mile" has been the forefront of all the 'rights advocates' for years. This means any one able to setup a distribution point in your neighborhood could be a provider of common access to the 1000s of channels yet developed because of the loss of exactly what you're against. This could be the last chance for a grab of what is rightfully ours. Choice over not. Freedom of the media conduit. Who knows what could transpire within 5 years, and be unstoppable? A force no court could deny. As it is the people (consumers) have about given up hope the corporate funded government (corporations are people too bullshit) will ever see our position again and I welcome ANY attempt to wrestle some of it out of their hands. Do you think there is much else we can hope for. like totally denying them the merger? Get real. It is likely going to happen. They have paid the gatekeeper and probably the court jester too. Ever since the "corporations are people too" ruling BULLSHIT (excuse my yelling)

Comment: no reports no operating drones until...simple (Score 1) 78

by Grow Old Timber (#49049711) Attached to: FBI Can't Find Its Drone Privacy Reports
Let me get this straight; The FBI can not investigate itself losing a report? Let us see how long it would take them to "find" the reports if all future drone spying is dependent on them releasing the report first. Of course national security will never allow such a "tool" to be turned off. They need 24hr operation on everyone in case the citizens have had enough corporate thuggery, right? The latest headlines; "Now we've seen it all, Drones used for keeping agents happy...Federal Boob Inspectors"

Comment: If Microsoft NO soft Quit using the DRM they push (Score 1) 106

I have Chromecast and would have considered a Firefox dongle. But not now thanks for the warning" MS DRM included." Those rights management dingles are part of Bill's vision that 'rights management was the way of the future' I remember that right after win98 went to WinXP and all my 'free cracked programs' no longer worked. My $200 musical keyboard from Soundblaster quit working (because it would record to MP3 format) samples that were protected??? WTF One of the best software supported keyboards offered and not it's useless? This all came about AFTER he had his empire planted in cement. Kind of like the Porn scene and how he encouraged it because he believed in it evidently. MSN used to be the best at serving searchable pics etc. remember?

Comment: Re:Danger of regulation oooooooooh! (Score 1) 214

" the danger of regulation has been around for a long time" Since when? Give me regulation on everything. Loss of jobs is a load and you know it. Municipalities will build networks and there lies the jobs you say will 'disappear'. And Verizon knows that too. Deregulation? Look what it did to the electricity traders (Enron) 2003? Price went up 300% and they were caught holding of production until the price spiked every morning. Oh the poor things they lost their jobs right? Then those same exact 'traders' went over to JP Morgan and ran the price of petroleum from $40 to $140 in LESS THAN 1 YEAR! All the while people saying "what can we do?" Their answer was "buy oil" The assholes. Watch Frontline on you tube about energy traders you will be reminded. Now we been drained for over a decade and they are starting the cycle all over again. The 1% can eat it raw... Do you know how much of a drain it was on the lower 99% of us? My driving habits changed, I walk more and want that lifestyle now. I say regulate the bastards if that's what it takes and it will because greed knows no bounds. Just watch the rise of big oil prices happen again and get PISSED and vote FOR regulation. And be NOT afraid citizen.

Comment: Re:Without Steve Jobs iPod renamed photos (Score 1) 458

by Grow Old Timber (#48953309) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft
"and iPod was the answer" B.S. Yeah who can forget every 'search' or porn you tried to come up with was a picture of the "new" overpriced Apple MP3 player? HATED IT! Damn apple geeks. And I have hated it ever since he hired a few 1000 slack-time employees to rename that picture of an iPod over and over again... Some innovation a little screen and a "wheel." Oh and it was white! So hard to clean and keep clean white. Never mind that people were listening to MP3s on other perfectly functional flash players, CD players and making their own car stereo out of old supermarket i486 machines and 7"TFT screens. (I wanted to do that but never got around to it.) Too cool. Yet the iPod name was substituted for all mp3 flash memory players in the news and TV articles. How did that happen?

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