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It's OK, this version will change all those commands to equally long but completely different commands. According to their internal surveys, that should help sales out by giving administrators a sense of accomplishment in learning a new command set. What could go wrong?


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Ha! I get the joke there, you made a funny. Windows in the datacenter, har har.


P.S. For those who don't get my joke, you should look up the marketshare data of Windows in the datacenter. No not the BS "Sales of OSes on servers" that MS commissions from Gartner, Forrester, and all the others who know where the checks come from, but share by installed socket. If you have access, look at it over the last 6-7 years, it is brutal. Make sure you get installed rather than sales, MS keeps commissioning reports that somehow manage to not count Google, Facebook, Baidu, Tencent etc etc's servers. Not sure why though. :)

Comment: I can see why this would work (Score 3, Interesting) 365

Gosh, why not? I can see someone looking at their MBA saying, "It works perfectly, has a great OS, awesome battery life, and does everything I could ask for and does it fast. I need to dump this for a barely functional device with an actively antagonistic OS sold by a company unable to secure a wet paper bag or make software that works acceptably. All this for far less battery life and far more money. I wish I had 2 MBAs to trade in!",

Back to the real world....

Did I mention that the day after the S3's release I was at a press event on a bus full of journalists. Anand has his S3 and in less than 24 hours it broke. The entire bus full of tech journos all concluded it was better that way.

That said, some people do like it. Microsoft traded in an absolute monopoly lock on the desktop to cater to 10% of their base. Clever that MS management, clever.


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by Groo Wanderer (#45782927) Attached to: Why Don't Open Source Databases Use GPUs?

Gee, a $1000 GPU that runs 7x as fast a 1/8th of an $1500 CPU. It woud be good idea if you didn't need that CPU to run it, but just barely so. If you cheap out on the CPU and only spend ~$750 on it, assuminng there is no slowdown on the GPU because of it, then the economics break. And people wonder why GPU compute on databases isn't catching on.

Then there is the power use aka TCO/running costs to think about. And everything mentioned above. And.... This study has all he hallmarks of an Nvidia research project who's targets are financial analysts rather than potential customers. The science is fine but that is not the intent.


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by Groo Wanderer (#45360675) Attached to: A Playstation 4 Teardown

You missed the point, it is not a case of "My platform isn't quite as shitty as yours." this time around.

That said we have reached a state of meta-fanboi-ism, the new argument is, "The platform I don't have and have no real clue about isn't quite as shitty as the platform you don't have and have no real clue about." And for the record, yes this is yet another internet derived regresion of the human species.

Comment: Story is a PR plant (Score 4, Informative) 224

by Groo Wanderer (#45352981) Attached to: Microsoft Donates Windows 8.1 To Nonprofit Organizations

I work with a charity that has access to the MS discounts and there is one authorized outlet for it, Tech Soup. MS has ALWAYS made the latest version available so this is nothing new. It is just an astroturfing post to try and drum up some good PR for the embattled and truly miserable OS.

That said why is MS so cruel to those in need?

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by Groo Wanderer (#44578183) Attached to: Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?

It forces me to do thing in a way that bugs me. I don't like having to search for things I want, I like ot put them where I feel they should be. Hiding things from the user ala the menu system in Offices past is a good example of this. I don't work the way it wants me to work so I end up spending more time fighting the OS than I do things I want to do.

In short, this pisses me off. Last time I played with it there weren't enough customization options to make it not annoying enough to use so I went to Mint. For the moment, Cinnamon is more than good enough for me so I haven't tried 13.04 enough to say that it has gotten better. That said there is no reason for me to go back.

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by Groo Wanderer (#44575769) Attached to: MS Researchers Develop Acoustic Data Transfer System For Phones

This tech is old, they are called "ringtones" by others. They transfer information quite reliably telling others, "The phone is owned by a total *sshole" when certain things play with near 100% accuracy. MS is probably going to use this to patent ringtones, and start suing android vendors.....


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by Groo Wanderer (#44565965) Attached to: Class-action Suit Filed Against Microsoft Over Surface Write Off

"I have never understood why listening to morons on CNBC, Fox Business, or anywhere else was any different from listening to some guy screaming on a street corner."

Two differences. For the guy on the street corner, you have to go outside. Secondly, said guy screeming about the impending space eel apolcalypse because people have lapsed from believing in the book of Jed The Holy Phebotomist could possibly be right. That is about the sum of the difference if you don't count such tangential things as looks, shoes, and holes in clothes.


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