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Comment: Re:issue | Snowden (Score 1) 193

by GroeFaZ (#47907537) Attached to: New Details About NSA's Exhaustive Search of Edward Snowden's Emails
The way I see it, he had the mutually exclusive choices of revealing nothing, making an ineffectual internal complaint, and doing what he has done. If he had actually raised substantial concerns, officially or otherwise, he would have lost his security clearances in a heartbeat.

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by GroeFaZ (#47888083) Attached to: German Court: Google Must Stop Ignoring Customer E-mails
A customer is someone who receives a service from a company, even if the (monetary) price for that service is zero. Google and their users have agreed on certain terms which gives the customer some rights (using the services offered by Google), and Google some rights (collecting and using the customer's personal information for ads, etc.)

Comment: Re:NG/Coal kills. Nuclear might in an extreme case (Score 1) 216

Nuclear require an extreme accident to become a hazard to human life, while coal/NG kills every day.

Uranium mining is hazardous to the miners and local/regional residents because of the radioactivity they are exposed to, uses large quantities of water to reduce airborne uranium dust, and uses a lot of fossil fuel to separate the uranium from the gangue and to transport it to the consuming power plants. Therefore, nuclear also kills every day. It just doesn't usually happen in the country using the nuclear fuel, so it's effectively Somebody Else's Problem, but a problem nonetheless. Nuclear power is NOT carbon neutral by a long shot, much less environmentally neutral.


+ - Australia ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Submitted by GroeFaZ
GroeFaZ (850443) writes "As the BBC reports, the first political act of the new PM of Australia, Rudd, was to start ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. He was quoted as saying "[Signing the Kyoto Protocol is] a significant step forward in our country's efforts to fight climate change domestically — and with the international community,". That is, the international community without the USA — Australia's ratification made the USA the only industrialized nation to not have signed the Kyoto Protocol."

Using Google To Crack MD5 Passwords 232

Posted by kdawson
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stern writes "A security researcher at Cambridge was trying to figure out the password used by somebody who had hacked his Web site. He tried running a dictionary through the encryption hash function; no dice. Then he pasted the hacker's encrypted password into Google, and voila — there was his answer. Conclusion? Use no password that any other human being has ever used, or is ever likely to use, for any purpose. I think."

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