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Comment: This is potentially groundbreaking! (Score 1) 337

by GrnArmadillo (#22045864) Attached to: Parents To Block Kids From Joining MySpace
All someone has to do is write a script that systematically generates and submits email addresses, and no one would ever be able to create a new Myspace account ever again!

(Yes, I know, you'd probably need to make a full-scale DDOS out of it so that MySpace can't tell that all the submissions are coming from the same IP address, and it's entirely possible that you'd crash Myspace's servers before successfully submitting all of the possible email addresses at pingable domains. Perhaps a more attainable goal would be to wipe out all of the possible Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail addresses fewer than 10 characters long?)

Canada's Copyright Cops Give Go-Ahead For iPod Tax 230

Posted by Zonk
from the pay-for-your-piper dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Michael Geist reports that the Canada's Copyright Board has given the go-ahead for a new copyright tax on iPods, despite an earlier court decision blocking the fee. The Board apparently ruled that not including iPods would make criminals of millions of Canadians and that the levy could conceivably be applied to cellphones and personal computers. 'If we're going to make P2P legal through a levy system, the system must (1) address both downloading and uploading; (2) consider addressing non-commercial use of content; (3) cover audio and video; and (4) more closely link the copying to those paying the levy. The government has yet to play its hand on this issue, but with the prospect of an unpopular levy and mounting pressure for a Canadian fair use provision, it will have to take a stand sometime soon.'"
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+ - Hotels equip mini-fridges with weight sensors-> 1

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prostoalex writes: "Hotel mini-fridges, known for carrying mini-bottles of various beverages for non-mini-prices, are now getting weight sensors that charge the hotel customer as soon as any item is picked up: "...the fridges are now equipped with motion sensors, the helpful woman at registration told me. That is, if I move a drink to make room for something of my own, it'll charge me. If I accidentally knock something over, it'll charge me. If I put something of my own on top of something, it'll charge me.""
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+ - ATI R600: The rumours so far

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janp writes: "The launch of ATI's R600 (or Radeon X2900) graphics card has been postponed once again. Hardware.Info has compiled all the rumours so far, tried to verify most of them and combined them in one article. It includes some screenshots from AMD/ATI's secret documentation for partners, proving the power consumption to be 280 Watt per card!"

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