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by Grizzley9 (#48136791) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct

Password manager tools are only useful when you are logging in from your own device. What do you do when you need to hop on a friend's computer, or the one at the public library? Or are there cloud based password managers out there (and if so... that just raises further questions).

There are a few such as the popular Lastpass that store passwords in the cloud but encrypted. Many have browser plugins which make filing in forms and storing that info straightforward. That or you could simply look up on your phone while at another PC (numerous mobile password managers). If you lost your phone and that's why you are using a strange computer you could still wipe it remotely and if Apple you could just restore to a new device via icloud. I'm sure Android has numerous password managers that sync with Dropbox as well. (1Password, Lastpass, KeePass, etc)

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by Grizzley9 (#48036103) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Of course, the god believed in by the alien (and mused on by Sawyer, who I believe remains an atheist) is an unknowable, silent, watchmaker god who sprung up spontaneously from the quantum vacuum

Then whatever that created thing is isn't a god or God. Something bound by this universe and it's physical laws in no way can be a god let alone God.

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by Grizzley9 (#48002937) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

However, the power at my house is terrible -- lights flicker and dim several times a day, and I completely lose power several times a year. All the computers are on UPSes, but it would be prohibitive to put all the lights on one.

It sounds like you need to call an electrician and get a whole house surge protector installed.

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I also write the date on mine. CFL's never last their lifetime in the ceiling canisters they are installed in. They must overheat or something and the electronics fail. I've purchased Cree LED for the pantry and it's light comes on when you open the door. Leave the door open too long and the heat from the incandescent must heat it up as the Cree will shut down (thermal switch?) until cooled. Plus the glass dome over the Cree LED fell off. But still great lights. Will continue to replace incandescents with Cree as they die.

Now if they only made a good candelabra style LED bulb that wasn't hideous.

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Phones aren't meant to be indestructible. Millions are easily getting along without bending them. If you need extra protection from your carelessness, put it in a heavy duty case. From the videos I've seen of people bending them, it takes quite a bit of force.

That being said, as an iPhone 6 owner, I don't want my next phone to be any thinner unless they invent some case and glass where it is flexible.

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Yes. Specs do matter. If the hardware is bottlenecked in anything the OS really needs: Anybody remember those CD drives that locks the system IO while attempting to read? Or what it felt like going from a HDD to a SSD?

They do but only when comparison to similar OS . As we've seen with the recent Quad core, 2 GB ram, etc specs from Android mfg's that still stutter while another OS brand only has a dual core and the paltry 1GB ram but yet is optimized so it runs very smooth and has a great user experience out of the box.

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Are you comparing the list price to the contract price? Because there are very few $200 smartphones that are capable of doing much but the basics and performance will be sloppy. If you want a 1 year phone and don't mind less than optimal performance then yeah. But as we've seen, many will pay for a good user experience over the long term. Of course plans like AT&T's Next are blurring this as more people will be upgrading sooner than they would have.

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Not picking a side. But it's kinda funny when you think about it:

* With an Apple device, you get regular updates to iOS, but your phone will continually become slower (planned obsolescence)

I'm not sure I follow how making software more powerful and "do more stuff" is equated with planned obsolescence? The bells and whistles take more to run and they are using the newer hardware to bring a better experience with more features. But for those that believe in "planned obsolescence" you can always not update.

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Oh, right, Apple declared proper digital cameras "dead" in their iPhone 6 keynote.

Only if you believe that a point and shoot is a "proper digital camera", and they were right. P&S's are a declining market. They said nothing about today's DSLR's, which frankly I get tired of carrying mine around when my smartphones camera is so good and usually "good enough". The only thing DSLR's have the market on now for non-professionals are the lenses. If someone could make an add-on lens to a popular smartphone that wasn't crap (as most of them currently are) and emulated a 50mm or a zoom, it would take market share. (or if an app could emulate the look of it at least).

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I'm not as familiar with NFC yet as I will be in the next week, but there are a lot of payment pads in the US that accept contactless charging of your cc which I'm assuming is NFC related. Barring that you swipe the magnetic stripe. While I like the direction, I'm not seeing that huge of a benefit of "put phone/card near reader vs. swipe card through reader". Still many stores just take your card and swipe it themselves (to be changed by 10/2015 chip and pin?). The only benefit I currently see is the 2 seconds time saved by Apples version by using your fingerprint vs entering a 4 digit pin.

"well you don't need to carry your cc's". So yeah, it will be quite a while before I stop carrying my wallet and I've seen many stores that accept paypal too.

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