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Comment: Expected? (Score 1) 40

by Grizzley9 (#48531839) Attached to: Starbucks Testing Mobile Order and Pay In Portland On iOS
Not sure how this is newsworthy. This is what many stores already do. Panera comes to mind as well as Redbox and most big box stores with in store pickup, etc. Put in order and pickup time and pay for it with phone/cc details, then pick it up where you ordered it from. I think this should be more of an "it's about time" article.

Comment: Re:Aw crap, here we go... (Score 1) 239

by Grizzley9 (#48522429) Attached to: Google Hopes To One Day Replace Gmail With Inbox
As much as I love Gmail and most things Google, if they screw up Gmail I'll likely just move everything to MS. They have many of the same cloud services and have given me tons of free cloud storage as well. Right now Google is more user friendly, but not by much. Just put a forwarding setup on any Gmail and move over to MS would be fairly painless. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Comment: Not everywhere has variable pricing (Score 1) 327

by Grizzley9 (#48511609) Attached to: You're Doing It All Wrong: Solar Panels Should Face West, Not South

Electricity prices are also higher at that period of peak demand.

Only in areas where they have variable pricing. Looking at a map of avg pricing, my state is pretty low anyways and we have fixed pricing whether using it all at 5pm or 7am makes no difference.

So I wonder if those areas that have variable, are the power companies trying to push demand to other times due to lack of capacity or are they gouging the customer (or both). If either of those are true, that doesn't sound good.

Course on the flip side, around here you can't sell back to the power company with your solar or wind power self generation. You can power your own home but cannot put any back on the grid.

Comment: Re:Apple pay already lost... (Score 1) 375

by Grizzley9 (#48502575) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

When they decided to make it exclusive to apple devices while ignoring the much bigger android market.

The Android marketplace already had their shot...and only grazed the target. When Apple Pay becomes bigger, it will likely lift Android purchases as well. It's the retailers grouping together with alternatives like Current-C that will hamper all other payment methods.

Comment: Re:Lost!? (Score 2) 375

by Grizzley9 (#48502417) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

And be prepared for the guy inline in front of you to be messing around with his phone while he is trying to pay.

"Oh just a second, trying to get a connection." "Oh wait, need to reboot phone." etc.

Although I see your point with many smartphones (and users), you don't need a phone connection to make purchases with Apple Pay.

Comment: Re:Um, what? (Score 1) 433

by Grizzley9 (#48468391) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run

She was a largely incompetent CEO.

WTF skills does she thinks she brings to the table as a fscking President?

Pretty much her entire time at HP was marked with terrible decisions, bad planning, and disastrous outcomes.

Well, I guess that's no different from Presidents, really.

And thankfully she left Lucent Technologies before doing the same to it! (Though to be fair it happened to us anyway).

Comment: Re:So stating the obvious then (Score 1) 227

by Grizzley9 (#48419251) Attached to: Three-Way Comparison Shows PCs Slaying Consoles In Dragon Age Inquisition

PC is the best then PS4 then Xbox One. I guess hardware does matter when it comes to gaming. Anyone else not surprised? As for Xbox, it looks like they will be behind until the next generation unless they update the hardware. The ESRAM buffer does not seem to be making up the gap as they hoped it would.

Only behind (in graphics) to PS4 owners. Hardware is virtually the same.

Comment: Re:All we need it to get rid of is Apple... (Score 2) 133

by Grizzley9 (#48410577) Attached to: HTML5: It's Already Everywhere, Even In Mobile

with it's payed developer program. Why they h*ll do we need to pay $75 bucks to be able to put some stuff on our phone that we own.

You don't. You have a choice to choose another platform or to even jailbreak it. It's actually fairly smart of Apple to do that as it keeps down the cruft, is easier for reviewers to wade through the submissions and arguably makes for a better experience for the end user since most are not developers themselves. But Android has more marketshare/eyeballs and a more open platform. Your beef isn't with Apple, it's with your own decision to choose that platform.

Comment: Rendezvous with Rama (Score 1) 242

by Grizzley9 (#48362745) Attached to: HBO Developing Asimov's Foundation Series As TV Show
Still hoping someday to see a movie based on Arthur C Clarke's "Rendezvous with Rama" book/series. Wish a serious producer would develop it (yes I know of that IMDB entry that has been there for nearly a decade). It is one of the best works of one of the best SciFi writers. Are the rights to it too expensive? Is it too difficult to translate to the big screen? The set at least would be no more complicated and green screened than any other larger SciFi. I'm just surprised it hasn't been done yet on what seems an obvious choice instead of yet another rehash of a current scifi series.

Comment: Re:Discover life? (Score 1) 221

Historically, "Life" has been defined as being any phenomenon that possesses all 5 life processes:

#1 Food intake/ nutrition #2 Respiration #3 Excretion #4 Growth & Repair #5 Reproduction

However, this seems to have been expanded to 7:

#1 Movement #2 Respiration #3 Sensitivity #4 Growth #5 Excretion #6 Reproduction #7 Nutrition

This is for "Life" in the generalized sense, fully abstracted away from any specific mechanisms by which those processes may be achieved. It is perfectly sensible for an artificial lifeform to be constructed, as long as it is able to fully carry out those processes. It needn't have any organic components whatsoever.

Nowhere in the historical definition of "life" used by life science is there a requirement for specific mechanisms-- just processes.

By your second list, some forms of organized sets or software can be considered life.

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