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by Grizzley9 (#47757497) Attached to: New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

Until MS forces OEMs to sell a clean copy of Windows with zero third-party crapware, I won't even consider it. I've been a Linux user since 1998, and since then, have seen no compelling reason to part with my money. Fact is, when you buy a new Windows PC, it's largely unusable what with all the Kaptalistic crapware and bloat already bringing the system down below peak performance. This is a black eye for the Windows brand.

Except that it isn't true. You being a Linux fanboy you show your bias pretty easily. You can download a clean copy of Windows straight from MS and activate it with the same key you have for your current PC. That's how most that install a new SSD do it when replacing the drive.

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by Grizzley9 (#47719887) Attached to: Calif. Court Rules Businesses Must Reimburse Cell Phone Bills

now, they seem to assume 'you need inet and a phone, anyway' so they want to avoid paying, but I have always had to give my cell # to my workers and I do get work calls on my personal line. would be nice to have them just buy me a phone and fully cover it, at this point (my last job was android based devel and so, yes, we got a company phone and data plan all paid).

I never give out my personal to co workers. That's why I have Google Voice. I automatically know when it rings if it's work or something else.

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You could, for instance, have a separate email client for business emails and then track data usage of that client.

I don't know where you work, bur with my job work is about getting things done and if costs are justifiable, then they are justifiable. At the end of the day, if I won't be able to check my work email then the boss will have to wait for my reply, not me.

The issue I see with only tracking data usage is you leave out time dependant issues. I need my work computer to be connected during the working time, even if I'm not receiving any data, that's still part of business, letting me know nothing right now is coming in. When you are talking about working time, which for most is by hours, then your data usage (connection) should be by hours as well. If I work 8 hours out of 16 that I'm awake, that's half my internet bill (minus weekends).

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My large (70k+), international company implemented a PC based smartphone service for employees to use since many work from home. I wonder if this passes their test. I've never used it cause I'd have to get a dedicated headset and I'd rather just use my cell phone but it will be interesting to see if there is any cascading effect on companies starting to use more softphones for people that work from home or are on the road with a laptop.

Also, if phone usage is req'd to be reimbursed for working at home, what about internet bills? Phone usage could be reimbursed based upon number of minutes averaged. But data could be based upon actual time used since my personal usage is more data than work, but time spent needing the net is more for work.

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We do have a functioning fusion reactor. It has about four and a half billion years left worth of fuel. It pours more energy into the earth alone than a hundred civilizations could use, to say nothing of the untapped energy it pours elsewhere.

So the sun is a big fusion reactor. It's using up fuel and spitting out energy. I've never understood how you could possibly get more energy out than you put in as has been the mantra for any current earth based fusion test. Wouldn't that nullify some fundamental principles?

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Apple having 100% control is the problem, squashing innovation and competition in how App Store's work. If there was a competitor in the App Store market, you can bet there would be a lot of new ideas out there that fixed the issues discussed, and issues we don't even know about yet.

There is no lack of competition in the App Store. You're simply inserting your own bias as to how things should run. In no way are they squashing innovation. There are plenty of apps that duplicate the App Store and do things differently. They just link to the App Store for the download on the back end. Numerous posts here have shown this.

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Kids should have at least a couple of months out of the year when they can just not worry about their studies and have fun and BE KIDS.

I mean, jeez! You only get to be a kid once. Let them enjoy those summer vacations. When I think back to my childhood, my fondest memories are during those summer vacations! Why the heck should we take that away from our future generations?

Leave summer vacation in place. And stop freaking shortening it.

While I grew up with this schedule and like it, it's not about removing that time at all. It's about shifting it to shorter "bursts". They would still go the same amount to "year round" school but breaks would not be all at once during the summer and spaced throughout the year.

So that is the question. What are the pros and cons financially, psychologically, etc of having the break all at once or split up into various parts of the year. It is a large shift for a community going to year round school due to day care and parents planning time off, vacations, checkups, sports camps, etc. Plus year round would all for less time for students to "forget" what they learned and build upon it instead of having the first couple weeks be a refresher.

Though, I'm still not convinced year round is the way to go. We live in a suburb of a major city. The city goes year round, the suburbs do not (yet).

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That's not really true. Look at the women's makeup, for example. There are hundreds of brands available, yet the infographic shows only three.

Pick any category of product there and you'll find the same thing; lots of alternative brands exist but aren't show.

All the infographic does offer is an idea of how diverse those ten companies' products are. It doesn't show anything about what's actually available in the marketplace.

I don't think you are seeing the whole graphic then. There are numerous owned by P&G and many owned by L'Oreal (Nestle). There will always be smaller, even regional brands but they make up such a small part of the market to not be significant.

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by Grizzley9 (#47610669) Attached to: Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company
Around here we have lots of windfarms and more going up every day, at least in rural parts of the state. I've never thought of my local electricity grid as all that bad actually, rarely goes down except in large ice storms, and it's pretty cheap. ($0.08/KWh).

Though when Solar or some combination of it and propane/natural gas can more cheaply run an A/C unit in a midwest summer--that will be the end of big utilities.

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by Grizzley9 (#47571875) Attached to: Is the App Store Broken?

It's not a marketplace, it's a lottery for developers.

Quite true and one where you have to make something that likely already exists.

Besides games, I haven't downloaded a new app in a long time. Most of the ones I have and use are mature and do their function well. There was a wild time when many functions and app types weren't yet developed but now? Not everything has been invented, but most categories are fairly mature and there is less and less room for groundbreaking apps for the overall market (still plenty for niche markets).

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Based on the bugginess of every Tegra device to date and Nvidia's near-total lack of support, you're nuts if you even consider buying this. And that's the real review from an owner of multiple Tegra products from the first generation onwards. You're welcome.

That and they compare it to Apple's A7 chip, when the A8 (or A7x at least) is less than 2 months away and has likely improved itself.

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here's the key issue: Does it have a nervous system, and does that nervous system couple to something sophisticated enough to convert those signals into suffering?

Wow, that's your reasoning?! Nervous system + suffering? Make sure you never fall asleep or get put under for surgery or go into a coma. Or better yet don't get instantly killed in any way since you would not suffer. I'm not sure it's the others that are using "hucksterism of philosophy".

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