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Comment: Just now? (Score 1) 163

by Grizzley9 (#47898159) Attached to: Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World
She's worried that common, private citizens can get camera drones and fly them above your property as if that ability wasn't available before now in multiple forms? What about governments doing it since we've had satellites? So does having 4 blades matter vs 2? As a land owner and private citizen, is she ready to a) accept that I own this column of earth above and below? b) to what heights do I own c) what rights is she now going to work towards removing to rid us of this scary, old thing?

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by Grizzley9 (#47892499) Attached to: iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters
You seem to think everyone of Apple's 500 million customers buy a new phone each time a new one comes out and that their children aren't getting any older to where they also might want an iPhone. I don't know anyone that buys a new iPhone each release even with carriers now pushing that (ATT Next and others). So what you are seeing is the result of only (~80/500) about 1/6 of Apples customers buying a new phone. Let alone the financing provided by the carriers make small monthly payments fairly reasonable for anyone that has a steady job.

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LOL. Yes, we use magstripe and signature still. Heck, I even occasionally see an imprint machine being broken out.

The imprint machine will continue to be used (occasionally) even with chip and pin as it doesn't require a constant, live connection. Useful for when there's a system glitch, power outage, or unreliable infrastructure. That's why the cards still have raised numbers and even after it's widely used post 2015, the magnetic stripe will also still be there on chipped cards.

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Who receives these calls or any spam calls for that matter? Like an ever increasing number of people, I only have a mobile number. It's registered on the Do Not Call list. I've never, to my recollection, received a spam call. I know this is for scammers and they don't play by the rules but it's been like this for a decade (DNC started in 2004 and I've been mobile only since then). Am I an anomaly? Am I not worthy of a spam/scam call for some reason? My phone number is out there and with every online site I need to enter it in. Perhaps I've just been lucky or this isn't a problem for most Americans due to the Do Not Call list? I'm not sure. (620)867-5309

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Thought I was the only one with problems. Noticed it via wifi and 3G. My Apple Tv froze up and blanked out numerous times. I think I unplugged it twice before it would be responsive. Then the 2nd asian audio overlay and the looping video was horrible, and that was when i could connect. For much of the first 1/2 hr, it was very spotty and then would error out.

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He later proved that it was possible to gather "secure" information from NFC-equipped phones from 10 feet away, using concealed-on-person equipment that cost less than $200, even when they weren't engaged in a transaction! They just had to have NFC turned on. NFC is not secure, and as long as it uses radio -- even radio at minuscule power -- transactions can be followed and cracked from a distance.

He addressed this by saying each transaction is not the card number but a special one time use number. So even if it was "sniffed" during the transaction, you wouldn't have any valuable info.

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While I cannot vouch for the Atkins diet as I've not tried it, each of the many times I've done p90x and lost weight, I've found it's about the 80/20 rule as well. You can only burn so many calories actively exercising. Though it is important, you'll fight a very uphill battle unless diet is healthy as well.

One "trick" I found when trying to control appetite when you are getting proper nutrition is to eat foods that satiate you, keep you full. Drinking lots of water, eating carrots and apples, etc. They fill you up with very few calories and then adding protein and some complex carbs will keep you fuller longer.

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It might be better to think on what it is you would like to be able to do using your phone but can't currently accomplish with the apps you've got on hand.

This is correct. Such as platform dependant apps. Currently, at least un-jailbroken, iPhones do not have a single app that mimics Tasker and a few other powerful apps that Android has. You can mimic some of those functions but right now nothing comes close (though not being a developer, I don't know what iOS8 brings, but it may never due to Apple's OS).

What are some other platform dependent apps that are powerful, but are not on all the platforms?

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Until MS forces OEMs to sell a clean copy of Windows with zero third-party crapware, I won't even consider it. I've been a Linux user since 1998, and since then, have seen no compelling reason to part with my money. Fact is, when you buy a new Windows PC, it's largely unusable what with all the Kaptalistic crapware and bloat already bringing the system down below peak performance. This is a black eye for the Windows brand.

Except that it isn't true. You being a Linux fanboy you show your bias pretty easily. You can download a clean copy of Windows straight from MS and activate it with the same key you have for your current PC. That's how most that install a new SSD do it when replacing the drive.

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now, they seem to assume 'you need inet and a phone, anyway' so they want to avoid paying, but I have always had to give my cell # to my workers and I do get work calls on my personal line. would be nice to have them just buy me a phone and fully cover it, at this point (my last job was android based devel and so, yes, we got a company phone and data plan all paid).

I never give out my personal to co workers. That's why I have Google Voice. I automatically know when it rings if it's work or something else.

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