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by Grishnakh (#48284809) Attached to: Boo! The House Majority PAC Is Watching You

If the voter records are public information (which seems odd to me actually, but let's assume this for now since TFS said so), then your lawsuit would be baseless. Taking publicly-available information, then releasing it to the public, can't damage you. The information is already public. It's when private information is released that you have grounds to file a lawsuit for damages.

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by Grishnakh (#48279933) Attached to: Most Planets In the Universe Are Homeless

Exactly. Biological life seems to need a certain amount of warmth; a rogue planet, which doesn't receive any heat from a parent star, is going to have a very cold surface, even if the interior is warm. Life as we know it wouldn't probably evolve on such a planet; it'd just be an ice world.

So this finding is interesting, but I don't see how it would affect the Drake Equation. If we want to find life that resembles us, we're probably only going to find it in star systems, on rocky planets within the star's habitable zone.

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It doesn't take me any real time to grab my phone from my belt holster (I use a Seidio case with clip holster). It's slightly more time than looking at my wrist, sure, but not that much. Plus it's accurate (since the time is set by the network), and also lets me see at a glance if there's anything else that needs my attention, such as missed calls, voicemails, etc. It also tells me the local temperature at a glance.

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Denmark isn't known for abusing its citizens with a prison-industrial complex the way the USA is. It's also known for being an expensive place to live, with a very high standard of living, just under its cousins Norway and Sweden.

Combine this with the fact that Denmark only has about 5 million citizens (compared to USA's 310M+), and I imagine there was no hyperbole there at all, assuming he meant within the Danish legal system in recent years.

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I doubt it. Those places (like Guadalupe) are shitholes because they're poor. Places that are wealthy usually incorporate themselves into cities/towns, and hire their own police force instead of relying on the county police. And since they're wealthier, they can afford to spend more on policing. The county police aren't as well funded as city police, and worse, they have to cover a lot more ground since their jurisdiction is a bunch of separate zones all far away from each other.

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>Don't imagine that a republican administration would be any more willing to let you keep your communication private. They might use different tactics, but secretly putting back doors in software is not really any better than a public campaign to install government backdoors in software.

I completely disagree. Doing something subversive that people don't like is better. Because then, when people inevitably and eventually find out, they get angry and do something about it. With the Democrat method, they actually convince people this crap is good for them.

If someone is going to screw me over, I'd rather them do it in a way that I don't know about it. There's nothing more annoying than someone screwing you over and gloating about it to your face.

You might think the latter is better because people will know about it sooner, but most voters are usually ridiculously naive, and will actually believe everything their party leadership tells them. When they find out they've been lied to, they get angry and demand change. But with the Democrats, they were never lied to.

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Yes, I know Bush did a lot of spying, but that's different than encryption. Did any of Bush's honchos run around saying people shouldn't use encryption because the government needs to see it? Or pushing for laws banning the use of encryption, or trying to force everyone to have government-approved encryption chips with NSA backdoors built-in? Clinton did all of that, completely publicly, and now Obama's doing it.

Maybe I'm misremembering things, but I do remember "strong" (>40-bit) encryption being illegal to export during the Clinton years, and this finally being relaxed during the Bush years because it was so stupid and everyone outside the US already had it.

Yeah, Bush is evil and all, but I don't remember him being so obnoxiously paternalistic and publicly saying we should only be able to use computers with government backdoors; instead, he just did things behind everyone's backs.


FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption 284

Posted by samzenpus
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apexcp writes Following the announcements that Apple and Google would make full disk encryption the default option on their smartphones, FBI director James Comey has made encryption a key issue of his tenure. His blitz continues today with a speech that says encryption will hurt public safety.

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Depends on the domain. Analog gauges are still popular

Sorry, you're right. I should have specified I'm really talking about cars here. For simple/low-cost applications, they still use analog mechanical gauges. For instance, the gauge on any air compressor is just a cheap mechanical gauge.

Also, mechanical gauges do tend to be very rugged. That's not a useful trait in a car, but for scuba gear it certainly is.

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