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by Grishnakh (#47690307) Attached to: Email Is Not Going Anywhere

Why did you bother with this? I would have just called and left voice mail. When he doesn't answer promptly, and this starts being a problem, I'd contact my manager by email and in person and complain that this person isn't answering his phone and he's blocking my progress. This will get him in trouble with his manager, and either he'll get a reprimand or be fired.

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Because back in those days, no one considered those IM services to be valid replacements for email.

When the 20-somethings are running companies, they'll be "mature". That doesn't mean they'll agree with you on what technologies to utilize. Look at how many people think it's a great idea to use Windows 8 for corporate use.

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Exactly. Yes, Prodigy, Compu$erve, and AOL died out, but that's because people moved on to other stuff, which these days means Facebook and Twitter, though back then it meant internet services like email and USENET. People have basically exchanged one group of crappy closed centralized platforms for another. Facebook and Twitter will probably die out eventually too, just like MySpace has, after people move on to yet another group of crappy closed centralized platforms.

People move to the latest fad; at one time, open internet was the fad, and killed off Compu$erve and friends, but it didn't take long for MySpace and then Facebook to rise up and start displacing email as a communications medium. People don't care about open and decentralized, they only care about what's new and hip and flashy.

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>You are making the assumption that his garage is connected to his house and that he has an insulated garage door.

Then he should buy one. If he can afford a $100k car, he can afford to build himself a new luxury house with an attached garage and insulated garage door, plus granite countertops, ethernet wiring, a hot tub, and a home theater room, and a few acres of land.

If he can't afford to build or buy a house with an attached garage, then he's not in the market for a Tesla.

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>Dell keyboards, IMHO, have always sucked - I haven't had a single one that hasn't felt 'cheap'.

You obviously never tried the Dell Latitude E-series keyboards. My ~2008-vintage Dell E6400's keyboard is just about as good as any Thinkpad I've owned (and I've had a few).

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Still, growing a 10-inch-diameter tree takes a fair amount of time. A hemp plant grows quickly, hence the moniker "weed".

Of course, there's a lot of fiber in a 10-inch tree compared to a hemp plant, and I don't have any numbers handy on the per-acre per-year yield (of usable paper) using each plant.

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