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Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 165

by jedidiah (#47961991) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

>> Funny you should say that. Also how is that any different from registered mail or any other method where it's guaranteed that a message was sent.

> There's no proof that they were communicated with by merely posting to f.b.

With registered mail, there is proof. That proof is physical and is mailed back to you and is suitable for 3rd party verification. You can actually verify that the person that signed for it is the individual in question.

NONE of that exists for Facebook.

Posting something on Facebook is only vaguely like publishing it in the local newspaper (also bogus).

Comment: Re:kill -1 (Score 1) 313

by jedidiah (#47961949) Attached to: Fork of Systemd Leads To Lightweight Uselessd

SystemD and Upstart are both more complex and easier to screw up. That right there is enough good reason to stay well enough away.

if you want to redo the plumbing under the foundation, you first need to give good reason why the foundation needs ripped up. You don't get to do random nonsense and then explain yourself later.

This is just pretty basic change control.

Comment: Re: Any news on the first stage landing tests? (Score 1) 102

by bill_mcgonigle (#47959517) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

Came here to ask the same. Somebody is patent-troll threatening them from testing landings on a barge offshore which was the sensible thing to do before actual land - for safety, not ease (waves). I'm planning to drive the family down for the first land landing, and it looks like imaginary -property knaves are doing their best to screw up this trip (and retard the progress of science and the useful arts, as usual).

Comment: Re:Expert. (Score 1) 343

I see, thanks for the info.

Interesting how open-source software is far superior to proprietary stuff: with the proprietary stuff, you're paying good money for something which is, in fact, crippled: it sees some watermark and won't work. The open-source software, OTOH, doesn't care about some watermark and plays what it's told to play, because it isn't made in collusion with media corporations.

Comment: Re:Expert. (Score 1) 343

by Grishnakh (#47954633) Attached to: U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

>Not sure what you're referring to, but I've yet to encounter a DVD (not Blu-Ray) that Media Player Classic and VLC can't play, and since they aren't officially licensed players that means they're cracking whatever DRM is on the disc.

Yeah, I already said that, basically. DVDs have been cracked for ages. I don't know what this watermark thing the parent poster referred to is.

Comment: US trade deficit (Score 1) 188

by Archfeld (#47952273) Attached to: Why a Chinese Company Is the Biggest IPO Ever In the US

People will flock to buy stuff and invest in this company which markets and sells goods manufactured almost exclusively in China and then have the nerve to complain about the US foreign trade deficit. We the stupid, blind and thoughtless Americans, brought it upon ourselves, and continue to do so, all the while blaming it on Obama, Congress or whatever other fool is in office. We get what we deserve I guess...

Comment: Re:Cut cut cut (Score 1) 108

by Grishnakh (#47951227) Attached to: Microsoft Lays Off 2,100, Axes Silicon Valley Research

It's actually a good strategy for MS, I think, and I believe Ballmer screwed up by not following this strategy.

For other companies, it only works in the short term because their competitors win in the long term because without good employees, the company can't develop new products. However, for MS, this just isn't a concern. They're a monopoly in many markets, especially in business software; companies aren't going to suddenly stop buying Windows, Exchange, Office/Outlook, etc. MS can milk their existing customers for a couple of decades I think, and could easily jack up prices greatly.

Comment: Re:Where's the bottom? (Score 1) 108

by Grishnakh (#47951207) Attached to: Microsoft Lays Off 2,100, Axes Silicon Valley Research

I think MS (and their products) will get worse before this gets better.

Doesn't matter, people will still buy MS products no matter what. Businesses aren't going to wean themselves from MS's enterprise software anytime soon. This was a good decision: the research efforts were costing money which wasn't being made up in new sales.

MS's best course of action is to cut out as much R&D as possible and other bottom-line costs, and then try to extract as much money from existing customers as possible by jacking up prices. Thanks to their monopoly position in several markets, this shouldn't be hard.

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