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Journal: Open Arena

Journal by Grindalf

Open Arena runs so well these days! It's in the latest stable Debian (wheezy) 7.4.0 distro OR you can download it here at: It'll blow your socks off!

Comment: Acorn Risc Machine (Score 4, Informative) 111

by Grindalf (#46326815) Attached to: The Ever So Unlikely Tale of How ARM Came To Rule the World
The acorn risk processor was designed for the British "BBC Microcomputer" to be attached via the "Tube" second processor system as a software development system for schools and colleges. This experimental machine was so successful and fast that it became became the new Acorn Archimedes computer which was used by the British Schools to teach kids how to write computer programmes.

Comment: An unusual exercise ... (Score 1) 240

by Grindalf (#46028591) Attached to: Code Is Not Literature
No one, but NO ONE likes to work with someone else's code. It's bad news when you have to do this at work. It's much more effective to rewrite the job from scratch after planning the functionality, encapsulation etc. etc. again. So to most people this type of job (whether it's like a line by line dissemination of a machine code tome or whether it's like an insectoidal dissection) is an unusual and unpracticed chore.

Comment: No, they won't buy it this time! (Score 1) 605

by Grindalf (#43081821) Attached to: Why Can't Intel Kill x86?
I think the unique ability to run existing x86 (or recompile manually optimized for x86 c programs) at native speed is one of the reasons many of us stick with Intel architectures, it gives them a very strong tactical advantage. It would also alienate many strong key advice givers in the machine purchasing decision making process if their home Intel game collection was suddenly nixed by a capricious ogre like hardware maker.

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